I have been doing some API work recently on a library to help interact with the inlineroll array in the message object, and in my testing I'm finding that the built-in Roll20 inline roll parsers don't properly handle some edge cases of Fate Dice. This extends and hopefully clarifies the previous Bug Report that was opened by @123Mind123 at this link: <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8806664/slug%7D" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8806664/slug%7D</a> There are 2 problems at work with how Fate Dice are interpreted/reported. 1) Success Rolls with Negative Targets In a roll such as [[3dF&lt;0]], the Roll20 interpretation of the less-than is to be "less-than-or-equal", so that a result set of ( - 0 + ) would yield 2 successes. However, if I want to target the success at -1, as in less-than-or-equal-to-negative-1 (and, yes, the less than matters; see below), the parser eats everything after 'F' and returns the number of dice. You can see from the image below (JSON stringify of the array) that the roll object stashes that part of the roll formula in a 'C' roll type (not sure what you call it, but I call it a 'catch' type). Because of this, no dice are ever rolled, and the number of dice, in an 'M' type, float up as the roll result. 2) Penetrating Explosions Not Accurately Reported In a roll such as [[4dF!p]], you have the possibility of producing a value of -2 on an exploded die (a 1 produces an explosion, which produces a -1, and then has the -1 of the penetrating mod applied to yield a -2). Although this value is correctly included in the chat-output, the popup tooltip does not include it. See the image below, where the tooltip does not include the "-2". Specifically, note that the tooltip shows a roll output of ( - 0 + + - ), which you would expect to equal out to a total of 0, when in fact the -2 isn't accounted for. The value that makes it to the chat output, again, is correct: -2. Now, if you discover a new star or a new species of dinosaur, you typically get to name it. If there is an analog for having discovered this particular bug of the Fate dice parsing regarding how to include it and I get to help decide how to represent a -2 in the tooltip, then I say use an equal sign for every -2. In that case, the above 4dF!p roll would have produced a tooltip output of: Rolling 4dF!p = (- 0 + = + - ). It only occupies one space to accurately represent one die, but it also easily indicates, visually, that that die accounts for a -2 effect to the roll.