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[LFM][D&D 5e][F2P] D&D 5e Dark Sun Community on Roll20 / Discord


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I have a growing discord server that is dedicated to running  multiple weekly one shots  and hopefully sometime soon , a full on west marches campaign  in the  Dark Sun Campaign Setting that has been converted to D&D 5e.   Currently characters start at level 9 and can be played over multiple one shots. Characters can keep any treasure they receive from one shot to one shot and we even have a modified leveling system for one shot characters.  We have  multiple DMs (always looking for more!)  and the server population is literally  global  with varied game times to suit different time zones . The platform for the games is a combination of Roll20 (free to sign up and use as a player) and Discord (voice is required).  The server is 18+ preferred  and dedicates itself to having a community that is  welcoming of ALL people (LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and Disability inclusive) . Everyone is welcome, server population is not an issue. We have many Testimonials ! Anyone who has any interest please friend me on discord, my discord is DillonDND#5228. This is a continuation of this thread that was closed for being on the forums for more than 2 months:  Old Thread
This is the absolute BEST server to be on for a friendly community, good times, and plenty of Dark sun. I've been here almost a year. #bestdecisionever
This server has a very good community and strives very hard to keep that friendly and accepting community. It does this with mods and dms that work very hard to not only support the members but also their players as much as possible, and making the process of joining dark sun enjoyable for not only veteran dark sun players, but people who are new to the setting. I strongly recommend you try to settle in this community if you enjoy either playing or dming the Dark sun setting :)
Server has helpful DMs and pleasant community with games that are played regularly. I started DnD with this server so players new and old are welcome.
I have played a lot of dnd since I started back when 5e dnd came out. Like a lot  and this server is one of them best put together. Always seems to be striding forward towards improving the game play experience weither DM or player. Continue the good work and can't wait until the west March part begins!
This has been a home away from home. I’ve loved DarkSun since the 90s and getting the opportunity to play and run games several times a week is wonderful. Always improving with a staff that is helpful and available, this is where I spend most of my efforts for DnD. 
A great D&D community with a ton of homebrew Dark Sun content. Welcoming to new and experienced players. Don't worry if you're not familiar with the Dark Sun setting; they will catch you up to speed quickly. We'd love to have more players. If you're interested, just get in touch with Dillon on Discord.
This is an amazing server for anyone looking for D&D and people to play with! And if your looking to become a DM then this server offers a lot of help with that. It's amazing!
Are you a DM? Would you like to be? We'll get you going in a easy going, fun, and safe environment... all it takes is joining us.
This server focuses on safety and education. We want a safe environment where everyone can come learn something new, enjoy a blast from the past in a new edition, or just enjoy good company while playing D&D. Those who are looking into becoming a Dungeon Master can also look into DMing here and learning the trade alongside other new or experienced DMs. Come on down! Join the Fun! And put your Sandals in the Sand of Dark Sun!
We LOVE this server! Everyone is friendly and will welcome you with open arms {or claws as the case may be :} Dark Sun rules!
Join today, whether you want to play, dm, or both - this is the place to be.
Would love to join the server!
DillonDND said: Anyone who has any interest please friend me on discord, my discord is DillonDND#5228. DNDVibin said: Would love to join the server!
It's cold everywhere... let's go play on warm, sunny Athas.
Snowed in? DMing is a GREAT way to keep warm. Just saying.
Fantastic server with friendly people and DM's that go that extra mile on each game to make it worth signing up for a game!
“The desert is a natural extension of the inner silence of the body.” - Jean Baudrillard
Still seeking brave adventurers and DMs new and seasoned for creating memories on Athas. Come on in!
Join today!
What could possibly be better on a Saturday night than great people and good times?
Weekend almost over, still plenty of time to join.
Looking for something to do at the end of the day? DMing is a great way to spend an evening! Gather some of your new closest friends (that's us), and weave a tale of warm, sandy good times.
Looking for something a little grittier, and less typical? Dark Sun is a great solution. Join today!
Join us, you know you want to.
“The desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it.” - Robert Edison Fulton JR
Weekend plans? Amazing server right here, ready for YOU to claim a place in.
Growing now for a year and counting, just missing you. Yes, you. The person reading this that hasn't joined us yet.
What type of schedule do games typically run on?
Daniel H. said: What type of schedule do games typically run on? DillonDND said: the server population is literally  global  with varied game times to suit different time zones . 
Games can be found at any time zone. Come join the fun.
What are you waiting for?
It's a great time to take up dming for new friends.
Greetings adventurers! There's never a shortage of jobs on Athas. Join us today where the sun is warm, monsters are plentiful, and sorcerer-monarchs are powerful!
This server is full of wonderful, amazing people. You could be one of us.
It's the start of the weekend, and you know what that means? Playtime! Take a vacation in the warm, sunny Tyr region. Too warm? The nights are chilly, so bring a friend!
Join us! Join us! Join us!
I am totally interested in joining. Have discord and looking for more than one shots if available. 
Krell said: I am totally interested in joining. Have discord and looking for more than one shots if available.  DillonDND said: Anyone who has any interest please friend me on discord, my discord is DillonDND#5228.
Still seeking brave adventurers and dms alike for good times in the sand.
Join today
Happy weekend, looking for sand? We have it.
I'm having a lot of fun on this server! Dark Suns is a great setting for stories and characters. Come join us!
I joined this server about three weeks ago and have nothing but great things to say. Extremely active and helpful community, TONS of time invested by DillonDND and others to bring the Dark Sun setting to life in 5E. The one-shots are enjoyable and provide a source of character progression (and testing/fooling around) without the typical "investment" required in a campaign. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a mature community to game with and has an interest in the Dark Sun setting.
Shameless bump of an amazing community!
Have you ever wanted to die a brutal gruesome death... I mean... have you ever wanted to kill lots of things successfully without any danger whatsoever!? Then come to us at the Swords and Sandals server!!  PS. The Swords and Sandals server is not to be held responsible for any maiming, terrifying diseases, disemboweling or any other form of gruesome deaths or injuries...
“If a flower can flourish in the desert, you can flourish anywhere.” - Matshona Dhliwayo
Have you ever thought about DMing? Looking for a different kind of setting? Maybe a change of pace? We have it all, come check out an amazing community full of fresh opportunities, good people, and fond memories to be made.