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GM Michael

API Scripter
t Member since 07/09/16 \/ G GM of 8 games \/ 7273 Hours Played \/ 243 Forum Posts


Software Engineer by day, author by night, and DM by weekend.


In roughly chronological order, I've contributed to/authored the following scripts.
- CashMaster: Contributor. This was the first big project I worked on around here and what got me my Arcane Scriptomancer trophy.
- Dialogue: Author. A smaller script, but one with a lot of potential to create background and liven a world up.
- Mass Combat: Author. I didn't just make this script, I made the rules it abides by.
- Airbag: Author. One of my proudest achievements in the community. I love this script. I cannot count the number of hours of development this has saved on MC, SM, and DR. Debugging made easy!
- SpellMaster: Author. Another one I'm super proud of. It takes a while to set up, but once it's there, it's glorious. Your casters will love you.
- Difficulty Rating: Author, though I did this one for someone. It's a cute little script. Nothing fancy, but useful nonetheless. If Airbag is a diamond-bladed table saw, this is an allen wrench. Smaller, less powerful, but still something to keep in your toolbox with you wherever you go.
- Initiative Standby: A simple script that allows yanking units out of the initiative order and then later restoring them back where they were.

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