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Auto remove ammo/ arrows after an attack

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I already commented this on a tiktok video by roll20 but thought I would add it here, but my idea Is that when you make an attack roll with a ranged weapon it removes the ammo from your inventory so you don't have to keep trying to remember to remove the ammo after you attack.

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I sometimes use one of the token tracking bars to keep track of arrows and things but, I usually do this manually. It might be nice to automate it with a script or in a character sheet template.  But you get my up vote!
This would need to be specific to the character sheet being used.  If you're using the D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet, there is a script available for users with Pro accounts that does this. ( 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion ). The difficulty for me with using something like this is the situation when a ranged weapon can use more than one kind of ammunition. For example, a player character who has a longbow, but carries normal arrows, silver arrows, and a few +1 arrows.
Upvoting this because this functionality should be in the sheet, not reliant on a script. And extend it to spells and other resource tracking.

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My understanding is that some sheets can already do this, but it is a major step up in sheet coding and it is on the sheet designer to implement it in their sheet.  Is this suggestion regarding a specific sheet or sheets?
Gauss said: My understanding is that some sheets can already do this, but it is a major step up in sheet coding and it is on the sheet designer to implement it in their sheet.  Is this suggestion regarding a specific sheet or sheets? We are using pathfinder 2e sheets and it doesn't have this effect. I just have a terrible memory so it would help to track ammo. So I don't know how other systems deal with this issue I just thought it would be a good quality of life improvement

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My guess is that the Devs will not be going back to revisit the old Pathfinder Second Edition by Roll20 character sheet since they are working on the next evolution of the Pathfinder 2e character sheet. With that said, you may want to update the original post to reference the specific character sheet you would like fixed up. Alternately you may want to post a request in the  Pathfinder Second Edition by Roll20 thread .  I also suggest heading over to  Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster by Roll20 thread and make a request that the next evolution of the PF2e sheet include an ammo tracker.  Finally, in the meantime a Mod (API Script) can deduct arrows on the Pathfinder Second Edition by Roll20 character sheet, but that will require the GM have a Pro account. 
I'm going to throw a +1 on this.  I understand that it's a sheet suggestion, and Roll20 doesn't code all of the sheets.  But for the ones they do, including the 5E and forthcoming D&D2024 sheet, it would be nice to have.  As a player, I've managed to forget this from time to time, and as a DM I have players who never remember (and yes, I could use a script, but I've had enough scripts break on me just before a game that I try to avoid them most of the time). And yes, some way to select which ammo would be used for players carrying multiple types, would be important.

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If this is for a by Roll20 character sheet, I suggest also going to the relevant character sheet thread (Roll20 maintains one for many of the by Roll20 sheets) and making a request there.  This is especially true of the character sheets they are actively asking for feedback on, such as the upcoming Pathfinder 2e Remaster and D&D 2024 sheets. Get your feedback in now while they are still actively working on them!! If it is a community character sheet, the best bet is to contact the creator of that sheet.  Edit: to clarify, I am not trying to disuade folks from this suggestion. It is a good suggestion. I am trying to have folks also post where the Devs are requesting feedback on character sheets.