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Finish Implementing the External Journal Feature

Score + 177
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
The External Journal feature, while it was a good step in the right direction, is still totally unfinished. Finish it so that you can edit Characters and Handouts (including the new Character Sheets feature) outside of the game. Also adds another ability to keep your Characters and Handouts open in another window or on another screen.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
To be honest, I would be happy with leaving it read-only, so long as the character sheets could be displayed.
My players want to print the sheets more than anything else.
Editing would be nice but viewing character sheets would be a huge improvement. Printing would be a nice feature too. I'd put editing at third priority in this list.
The ability to view (and use) the character sheets in an extra tab/window (or alternatively using it on a mobile device, see suggestion thread here ) is definitely a must have for my group and myself. Support incoming!
currently as a GM being able to edit handouts outside on the website, versus inside the app, would be great.(intact came to the suggestion thread in hopes of suggesting this. Making them edited should be rather easy since they can use the same technology that i'm currently making this post with.)
Matthew T. said: currently as a GM being able to edit handouts outside on the website, versus inside the app, would be great.(intact came to the suggestion thread in hopes of suggesting this. Making them edited should be rather easy since they can use the same technology that i'm currently making this post with.) +1, the ablilty to edit (and create) outside of the in-game app would be fantasitic. As a DM, the editing part would be my main point of interest by far.
KS Backer
I logged onto the forum for the first time ever just to see if editing the external journal was on the todo list. I tend to take a lot of notes between sessions as well as when I'm running games, and it'd be cool to be able to do it from the website. Thanks!
I just got a vote back and I am putting it behind this: for oh so many reasons.
Voting for this as it would allow me to add notes or ideas when I am at work and it would be inappropriate for me to load into the game to do it.
Have been ramping up my game and even became a plus account because this app is so awesome.  If there is one thing as a GM i'd love, it to be able to edit the extended journal out of the app.  For me AND my players.  When not in sessions, my players could level up, add items, edit journals and note we don't always take the time to edit in the session.  This would probably lessen the burden on the servers as it would be page by page and not have the maps and all running in the background. A vote from me on this one!
I thought external journal access included editing. I was also dismayed that it didn't keep things in the folders or hide archived handouts.
Yes please! This would be an amazing thing to be able to create, view and edit sheets outside of the game. Would be even more awesome if we could do this for handouts as well.
Yep ! It would be great if we can share character sheets via the external journal ! As a streamer, it will be helpful for my viewers to have a view on it ^^
I agree, it would be great to be able to edit characters and handouts from the external journal. Organizing handouts and characters like in the journal tab in game would also be very useful ^^
I use the external journal on my second monitor during sessions so I can have multiple journal pages open at full screen without cluttering up my VT space. However, every journal page just has the name of the campaign as the HTML "Title" for the page, so they all say the same thing in the list of tabs. This makes it take much longer than it should to find the right journal page i need to reference. If the value of the "Name" of the Journal entry were used as the HTML Title, i could find the journal page i'm looking for much faster and keep my sessions moving with a lot fewer pauses and fewer delays in answering questions from my players. (i'm quite new to Roll20, so if there is a option to make this work already and I've missed it, please let me know. I've looked but can't find any.)
I need this ASAP. I take over 4 hours to transfer character sheets to the games.
I completely agree with all of this. Roll20 is so fun and amazing tool, in my opinion one of the few things it lacks is the ability to build and maintain a campaign around it. I believe external folders would go a long way to making Roll20 even more valuable to me. I would even pay more for some sort of GM Pro Level that would allow me to use external files and possibly integrate it with other programs, such as One Note. 
Just as a question for all the people using the external journal for management while GMing, is there any reason you don't use pop-out windows instead? They seem like a perfect solution for information management. On a side note, specifically when it comes to resource mangement, exporting and importing between different games, I made a suggestion over here about an idea to help make importing/exporting characters to and from the character vault a little easier, by taking advantage of the drag and drop nature of the in game, to allow quick and easy access not only to characters in the character vault while running a game, but also to make moving characters to and from the vault a simple click and drag rather than the 10+click nightmare it is currently.
Viktor - the pop-out I consider a work-around for what i'm really looking for. I tend to want to have lots of reference pages open so i don't spend a lot of time looking for something. Using the pop-out creates a new window for each document, and in windows 10 (the limitation is there, not roll20, i'll acknowledge that) i can't change that order once their open. That frustrates me. If i could open them as tabs and change the orders AND (per my addition above) could see the title of the document as the tab name, i feel i could be much more efficient at navigating journal content while DM'ing. 
Pierre S.
My concerns with the External Journal are other things. I want to display my game set-up to the "public", people who haven't joined my game yet, so as to show them Handouts that are open for player access for story background and rules variant information. However, in the External Journal view the Folder structure disappears and the Handouts are automatically sorted alphabetically, destroying the original organization.  Also, if I put useful tables as images, the public can't Zoom them like the in-game players could. I would like to have the Zoom implemented particularly, but I suppose the Zoom or full-screen display on a regular Web-site view for an off-site person can't be guaranteed to work like it does deep within a Roll20 game for players.
Nolan T. J.
Roll20 Team
This falls under some bigger campaign management goals we have, but there's no timelines.
KS Backer
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Giving this a +1, in particular with the external journal being sorted the same way it is in game. One long alphabetized list just doesn't cut it.
Sheet Author
+1 from me.
+1 from me
+1 from me Also please put the folder structure into the external journal
+1 from me. I don't need to journal to show the built-in character sheets or allow editing with any kind of urgency, but it really couldn't take long to implement  at minimum a page title match the open journal entry instead of the campaign name. And while it wouldn't be as simple to implement the folders or tag structure... at least one of those should get done soon.
As long as this feature includes something like this , I upvote it!
+1 to folder and tag structure for external journals. It's a mess RN.
+1, specifically for the ability to create and edit characters outside of a game. Sometimes I just want to make a character and then be able to select/export that character for a game later, and it's baffling to me that this isn't an option here.
David A. said: +1 from me Also please put the folder structure into the external journal Yes, +1, +1000 to this

Edited 1588096261
Sheet Author
Jay R.  said: +1 to folder and tag structure for external journals. It's a mess RN. +1. Total mess indeed.
+1. Create, edit, folder structure, all of it.
Forum Champion
Feature of this: Needs to have In-Line editing of "Bio Tab" on Characters, and Handouts text. For those who have the game's permission to edit that item, of course.
+1 definitely