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Print Character Sheets

+1  I am trying to run a game with my kids and their friends, and having printouts is essential.  I have to copy the info into a pdf version, or what has become my preference,  make them in DnD Beyond and print from there....
+1 please
+1 This would be so useful.
Need, need, need! Please!
please +1 we need this
+1 this is an overdue feature. They must be losing people to D&D Beyond for this reason. 
I'm sure Roll20 loses to other systems as well when the character sheets are "locked" into a game. One cannot simply create a character separate from a game, and then add that character to a game.  (Yes, I know about the character vault.  But you can't even see the character sheet until you copy it into a game.)
That's because Roll20 is primarily a multi-system virtual table top application, not a character generator.  It's kind of lousy at character generation, actually.
Why is it that I can print my character sheet on other virtual table tops like fantasy ground but not here?  Great free platform for newbies but everything costs more here for less functionality.
+1 - Please add this feature, when we play in person having a paper sheet is so much more convenient
I love this idea but what, it's been 5 years and they didn't listen I guess? 
Yes please
Pretty please with sugar on top!
During COVID we played on Roll20 but now we are starting to get together in person and want Paper copies. I'll be writing them out manually for now but an export to pdf option seems like it would make too much sense
I could use this feature as well please.
Yes, please add this feature.  It would be a great help.  Thanks!
+1 from me. Could really use this. I'm an old grognard RPG DM, and can't do hyperlink/coding/subthread/matrixing... Just need a way to print my PC's sheets please. It's hard enough using a VTT...
+1. The lack of this ability may mean our group has to leave Roll 20.  There are people who have issues with reading the character sheet on the screen.  This could also be a very real accessibility issue for Roll 20.
+1 to this idea. Something like weasyprint could probably do the job. Any feedback on this? Any official opinion from the devs on whether or not this is being worked on, or if it ever will be?
As a GM it would be easier to refer to a character sheet printed than look it up.
Well, I guess I'm not alone. I've been playing quite a lot during the COVID-19 pandemia, really one step from going Plus or even Pro (at least me as the DM in my group) but this point is really pivotal for making a stand and decide. No big news?
This suggestion has been pending for over 6 years.  While Roll20 has said they are working on it, don't hold your breath for any big news soon.  It apparently requires changes to other stuff first.
+1 from me
So... It takes three months to write a script that will bring a html layout into a pdf or printable format does it? (and 5 years and 6 months to acknowledge the need for such a featuredespite it being a top request from your customers).  I work in tech, and only have very rudimentary coding skills - but I know enough that the length of time it has taken to release / realise such a simple and basic feature is very condemning against roll20.   I think they have no idea how close we are all to quitting this under developed pos!  Can we have an update on when this very basic simple feature will be available please. Is there a time line for release? Otherwise moving to a more developed (less expensive) system might be the best move for us. 
+1 for me...  I have been on Roll20 for 2 years wishing that they would include this feature.
+1,000,000. Started playing during lockdown but now am doing irl sessions as well. The inability to print character sheets is a nightmare as I have players using their phone browser to look at their sheets, or scrawling all of their info onto a sheet of paper. Super not ideal. I also run one shots with pre-made characters, it'd be nice for people to be able to look at those characters beforehand in the form of a PDF. Please please please get this function up and running. The fact that this suggestion has been here for 6 years is really disheartening.
+1 from me. I recently became a DM and I have to put all of my players information into my DnD Beyond account so I can print out the sheets. When I'm planning games it's much easier if I have the information in front of me. I would be very interested in knowing if you have a timeline for this.
+1 But man, it's been years and I'm not holding my breath.
I would definitely like this option, it would really help my less tech-savvy friends.
+1 please
It would be great +1 for now just go find a form fillable pdf online and copy the info to that. I split the screen and just copy. kinda a pain, but better than nothing.
I cant believe for how long this thread has been active without a solution. BTW +1 from me!
+1 Can't believe this isn't available.
+1 Just went looking for this functionality would like to see it.