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Print Character Sheets

Score + 600
Yes to this, one of my players almost deleted his sheet whole leveling up and it suddenly occurred to us that we have no backups and nothing printed since we went virtual.
This still a thing? +1
Does this support printing a character sheet still? Many tools allow this already! I enjoy tracking my campaign and using roll20 for in person fog of war but players need paper character sheets!
+1 from me! I can't believe this is not possible yet.
+1, it is possible. If you can make an HTML page you CAN make it print...

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Peter B.
Sheet Author
∇ince said: Looks like one of the roadblocks to printing our character sheets may have finally been removed. Now on Dev Server: Character Sheet Enhancements! As Vince said this is going to be possible in the future. However it is up to The individual sheet author to implement this.  So after the above changes goes live, you all need to contact the sheetauthor who maintains the sheet you use and ask them to add this feature 
Thank you Roll20 for taking on this critical upgrade. This is the only thread I track and it's a big relief to hear it's in development.  I've been screenshotting and using a glue-stick to hack a sheet together for in person... I feel like an orc trying to play the hurdy gurdy.  Orcward.
+1 Please add this to Roll20.

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+1 3
+1 make this happen
+1. 6 years and still waiting

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Sheet Author
I hear you... but todays update should open the door, allowing us sheet authors the ability to code for a "printable" version of a sheet. Just need to learn how that's done exactly and start editing existing sheets for it. <a href=",SheetFormatting" rel="nofollow">,SheetFormatting</a> Print styling You can print a character sheet by opening it in a separate window and using the browser or devices native print functions. As a note, character sheet styling and some data may be missing or affected. We now support&nbsp; the print media query , which should allow sheet authors to style their sheets specifically for when a user wants to print them.
Peter B.
Sheet Author
As Vince said. The new featuers are live and printable sheets can now be developed! :&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> OBS OBS OBS! This does not mean that sheets can be printed as of today. Sheet authors need to implement the probler CSS and styling before printing can be done. Contact your "local" sheet author for these changes :)
+1 Please please please, my type a brain wants to put it in a binder