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Print Character Sheets


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Sheet Author
I think having the ability to Print or export our roll20 character sheets would be extremely beneficial. This would help those players that like to make notes on their sheet during play or have a copy in-hand for in-between session strategizing or planning. As much as I love our new virtual tabletop, there is an "old school" appeal of physically handling your character sheet. Update : I have removed my additional suggestion of adding an export feature in order to prevent overlapping suggestions with Josh's " Import/Export Characters " suggestion. Update 2 : coming up on 6 years next month... ;-(
Import would be nice too... some kind of protocol (like a VCF) for bringing a text file into the stats & attributes tab for a given character.
Sheet Author
Brian W. said: Import would be nice too... some kind of protocol (like a VCF) for bringing a text file into the stats & attributes tab for a given character. I would love to be able to parse text-based stat blocks for monsters and npc's into character sheets. Basically drag and drop. This might be something API can do,,,?
100% would love to be able to print the character sheets. this would greatly streamline my setup, avoiding the need to duplicate work, and the potential for making mistakes when copying from one format to the other.
+1 I have made paper copies of NPCs to write strategies or certain game mechanics 'in the columns'. Printing instead of having to go and do by hand would be such a time saver.
+1 for this from me. Since this suggestion is directed more toward being able to print character sheets, I've added another suggestion thread specifically for importing/exporting characters: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Sheet Author
It's too bad we couldn't merge both our ideas to pool votes... I was trying to cast a wide net with the "Print or Export" suggestion. Hopefully we can get enough traction on both suggestions to get the attention of the developers.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
You can get Gauss to rename your topic to be more inclusive and import Josh's suggestions into your primary message. =D
Sheet Author
I like your suggestion Aaron. Seems like the Suggestion and Ideas forum is starting to get some "overlap" and combining like-ideas would help get some of our suggestions seen. Maybe a more appropriate title would be "Add Import/Export/Print option"...
Would definitely like this. Presently we're having to build character sheets in Roll20 and in an external application because my players really benefit from having the sheet in front of them. One caveat--this will be much more helpful if the text boxes on sheets somehow either remember resizing you've done or automatically size appropriately to fit the text, as well. Mine currently always reset to default size, which means every time I open Roll20 and check a character sheet I have to resize all the text fields. However, whether or not that is implemented too, I support the idea of character sheet printing.
Add another vote for this feature. Would GREATLY add to the game as we play it.
Here's a "yes" vote from me!
Sheet Author
Glad to see the support. I was getting scared that the future of roll20 doesn't include paper.
+1 from me as well :)
I also like this. It could make running the odd live session easier if I could print off the sheets for them rather than manual copying it all down.
I thought that the popped-out sheet (on dev) might be better for printing, but it's terrible. The print dialog doesn't get a signal on page width/length or number of pages, so this is still needed. I'll add my vote to export XML and PDF (properly formatted and editable) would be fine as an alternative to standard printing.
Sheet Author
You know... after playing around with the new roll templates feature (Still in Development) I could see how this might be used as a way to print character sheets. Very promising.
Yes - glad to see like minded thinkers here. My group uses roll20 for both live play and when people can only join remotely. We find that having actual printed sheets speeds up play because you don't have to click and scroll around your computer. That said, the digital sheets on roll20 give us a great chance to update between sessions and keep everything stored online. Having the paper option also prevents any catastrophes like if the internet doesn't work for whatever reason and you have to play old school with sheets, dice and pens and paper.
I would also like to have the ability to print player sheets, esp. NPC sheets. In our (usually in-person) group, to save time and keep everyone engaged, players will sometimes play an NPC for me. It would be very handy to be able to hand a printed sheet to the player, so I'm the only one who needs a laptop.
Sheet Author
I still would like to see a way for this to happen. I haven't had time to play around with this, but I believe one could use roll templates to produce a sufficiently formated version of the roll20 character sheet. Copy(from chat), paste(to word processor), and print.
I've tried a number of methods to convert them to printable form, but so far no luck. Exporting the full web archive is easy enough for offline (non-updatable) use, but printing or exporting to PDF has defeated me so far. NPC and offline / paper only onetime pick-up games are my main use. My main game(s) work fine on tablet, even though we don't use the virt table top.
Sheet Author
I've used a macro to pull all the key attributes to chat. Then used the copy/paste method. It works, but you'll have to format in post using your word processor. At that point you could save as a pdf(export or pdf virtual printer). Just wish there was an easier method within roll20.
Hi, any advance on printing character sheets to PDF format?
I'd like to see this as well. Excellent Idea
this could be a premium feature, just as in Hero Lab
If I could give this +1million I would.
This would be a fantastic thing!! &nbsp;I like making my characters on Roll20, but would be nice to be able to just print out the character sheets if I decided to use that character in, say, an AL store game.
I'd love it, paper copies are so much more fun than electronic, and it's always nice to have a backup.

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Sheet Author
+1 Everyone in my group works in the software industry, and we're all very conscious of having backups.&nbsp; So this is a "whaddaya mean, I can't print out my character sheet?" thing for us.
+1. We play with a distributed group usually, but occasionally get together in person, and it's annoying to have to sync the paper copies. (An export to another format - like PCGen - would work, too).
+1 &nbsp;Some of my group would love to be able to use their tablets at the table for mapping and not have to lose sight to bring up the sheet at the same time, but to have their sheet next to them on the table. &nbsp;Even if it is not direct printable, but exportable to a printable format.&nbsp;
+1 would be nice to have the feature
So, after all these years, has anyone gotten any kind of response from Roll20 on this? I see all of us wanting and asking for it, but no response from Roll20. And YES YES YES PLEASE!
Yes please&nbsp;
Forum Champion
I would like to be able to print Character Sheets. I would also like to be able to make Character Sheet tab visible to other Players in the game, like this,&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Both are related upgrades that are essential for games where you want to share and pass around Character Sheets for your fellow Players to allow everyone to see the other Characters in the game. +1
+1 No brainer.
+1 for printable char sheets
Any progress on this? &nbsp;I am interested in the SRD5 character sheet being printed to PDF or such...
My players are also asking about this.
Hello, I would also like this, as would my player. Just as you can output the chatlog to a new tab/window, if that could be done with the character would be assume!
Hi,&nbsp; Would be great. Is there any progress for printable char sheets happening?
Printable character sheets would be fantastic.
+many for this. Printable char sheets so we can more easily move from VTT to actual TT would be lovely. My group plays via Roll20 most of the time, but when the stars align and we're in the same city, we like to roll actual dice and use actual pen + paper (still using Roll20 on the TV/projector for maps and tokens though!).
+1 from me.
+1 (or more if I could) from me as well!