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Marketplace reviews/ratings

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Saw this suggested a few times before, but each of those threads are now closed (2 years ago and 6 months ago, respectively), and thus can't be voted on, so suggesting it again! It'd be swell if we can have a rating/review system for the marketplace. Buyers could leave a star rating as well as a comment about what they think of any particular set, which could be very useful both for other prospective buyers to see what other people thought of a set (quality, etc.) and for the content creators to have a means of viewing feedback on their particular sets, to see if they should be creating more of X style because it's well-liked and popular, or perhaps if they need to clean up something about a set because of a minor alignment issue or whatnot. Ideally, ratings and reviews should be editable, as they can change as a resource updates.
Copying my comments to this one, as it existed prior to my request... WWQuicksilver said: I would like the ability to vote on (or star?) sets I've purchased on the Marketplace, and provide comments/review/issues about the set. I think it should be limited to those who have actually purchased the set. As a customer, I'd like to provide kudos/feedback on many of the sets that I purchase, and there are a couple I've purchased that are missing one or more image files. As a customer, I'd also like to get an idea of how popular a set is, and any positive/negative feedback about it, before I purchase it.
Got my vote.

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At the moment customer is forced to make the decision whether to buy or not with very limited infromation. Any kind of comment / review system would be an improvement. Limiting the ability leave comments / verbal reviews or ratings to users who have purchased the content would probably be the best way to go (the best compromise) but not necessarily. That would leave out all the players who have participated in games where the content was used. This would be especially problematic with modules. One GM who purchased a module could run it for multiple groups and only the GM could provide feedback of any kind.

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I'd be hesitant to get player feedback on modules, since it's so incredibly dependent on how well and closely the GM runs it. The GM is the biggest variable there.  For example, if someone asked my players to review Hoard of the Dragon Queen or Rise of Tiamat, they would be eagerly talking about all sorts of cool things that definitely never happened in those modules! Correspondingly, if I sucked as a DM, it might unfairly result in poor reviews on the product. Edited to add: Anyway, I agree with restricting ratings to those who have purchased the content. 
+1 for this suggestion, having a ratings and review system on marketplace content would be great.
+1 Yes plz!
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If you pay for something you should be able to review it

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I feel like this sort of feature would be long overdue. Even without implementation of comment or star systems, I feel like it would be quite easy to show how many times a particular asset set has been viewed or sold in the Marketplace. There is a certain lack of information available to consumers in the Marketplace. In any case, I feel like the consumers on the Marketplace should be able to deliver criticism and praise. This can only serve as a catalyst to encourage higher quality content on the Marketplace, and potentially curb over saturation of poorer quality content as well. Additionally, I do subscribe to the notion that only those who have purchased the content should be able to rate it. +1
+1,000,000,000 some tiles look good, but when trying to put them together, they are often "off" just a little no matter how you scale it, and you end up having to spend way too much time trying to nudge them into place! It's irritating, and I don't have the kind of time to screw around with it!
We should be able to give reviews for items on Market Place. All of our lives are based on reviews. From restaurants, to car purchases, to free apps we download.....all of us always check reviews. Always. If we had reviews, we could even sort by highest rating. This is really a no brainer as all I am suggesting here is to make the Roll20 MarketPlace like every other location we shop at. It would help both the consumers and the awesome artists that create content
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Well, I guess we will see what the March 26 marketplace update includes, but it strikes me that an off-the-shelf marketplace would have all the features we are asking for while freeing up the dev team to focus on their actual product: the VTT.
Adding my vote!

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I do hope that the review ability is restricted to those who actually bought/own the item. (Edit: Oh, I see I said that 2 years ago too, heh)
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Jen said: I do hope that the review ability is restricted to those who actually bought/own the item. (Edit: Oh, I see I said that 2 years ago too, heh) As applicable now as it was 2 years ago. :)
still would be a good idea...