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[Starfinder (simple)] Character sheet

The attack template should be fixed by the next update (Tuesday?). I have used an editor to find all instances of pf-attack with the HTML and replaced it with pf_attack. This includes the default macros as well as the sheet rollers. Once more, I'd like to say  thank you to everyone that has asked a question or pointed out a problem. I have been so busy working on the sheet (and being responsible for real world matters) that I haven't really had a chance to play around with it the way I have other sheets.

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Phillip G.
Sheet Author
As of right now (10/24/17 1730 UTC -6) the most recent update has been merged, but has not migrated into the actual sheets within Roll20. I hope to see this update in action very soon. EDIT: Still haven't seen results as of 10/25/17 2040 UTC -6)
For some reason I'm getting an error when trying to add spells to a character. When clicking the "Add" button under a given spell level, the space increases, but the actual text boxes and stuff (including inputted text) is invisible. The text boxes are there, as indicated by my cursor changing to reflect the existence of one, but it cannot be seen except for when using the Modify option and clicking/dragging the spell to a different location. During this time, the section is visible, and all inputted text can be seen, but it disappears as soon as I put it in place. 
That is very perplexing Golurkcanfly. I do not experience that issue. Please provide the following data so that I can try to run this bug down. What browser are you using? Are you using the live version of the character sheet? Do you know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue? Thank you for commenting here, it is very difficult to keep track of multiple posts.

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How do I call a sheet roll ie: the initiative button from the sheet as a token action.  I'm new to roll20 and this is frustrating
Colin, are you running the campaign or just a player? If you are running the campaign, I would recommend you check out the link in the character sheet instructions about macros to get more details, but see below: %{selected|Roll-for-initiative} That should be the text shown when you mouse over the roll button, but I have not verified each roll button to make sure the mouseover text is accurate. Seems like something I should work on in the near future.
That appears to work, Thank you very much!  It also appears the weapons/attacks roll is just giving a blank output line though.
Colin, please review the thread that you are posting to. These topics have already been discussed.

Edited 1509111530
Phillip G. said: That is very perplexing Golurkcanfly. I do not experience that issue. Please provide the following data so that I can try to run this bug down. What browser are you using? Are you using the live version of the character sheet? Do you know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue? Thank you for commenting here, it is very difficult to keep track of multiple posts. 1. I'm using Google Chrome. 2. I believe so, and I tested it again in a newly created game. 3. No. EDIT: This problem also pops up with the Special Abilities portion of the NPC section.
The attack codes (pf-attack) didn't get updated to pf_attack - at least not in mine. The Melee, Ranged, and Thrown buttons don't do anything. The chat window moves slightly but nothing appears. I looked at the macro text for weapon attacks and it's still showing pf-attack. If the code hasn't been updated, I understand. I just read in a previous message that this was fixed. Thought you should know. Glad to see the Will save has been fixed!
The updates for the bug fixes have been merged, but they will not go into effect until next week. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
As I am setting up NPC's I noticed that there is no place for a NPC's resolve points.&nbsp; Read through the thread and this hasn't come up yet.
Colin, I'll take a look at this tonight. I agree the NPC tab doesn't have Resolve Points. What I want to do is verify if NPCs ever use resolve. Can you give me an example (book and page number for the NPC would be great) of a published NPC that has and uses resolve. Adding the input will be very simple, I just want to ensure that there is a need for it in the published material.&nbsp;
Necrovite - Alien Archive pg 80 uses resolve Orocoran - Alien Archive pg 90 also uses resolve. i didn't look any further than the Orocoran though
Nice Kristopher, I'll put some effort into this this weekend. Should see it roll out with the updates next week.
Roll20 Production Team
I think that if they have actual class levels then they must have resolve.&nbsp; Half of their class abilities wouldnt work without it right?
I was thinking that as well Ahpook. Additionally, I perused the new Alien Archive and there are several "monsters" that have RP. Most listed no use for the RP, but they were there none the less. I have added the block to the sheet just under the HP block.
the boss of the part one od dead suns uses reslove to life leach,
The attack buttons still seem to be completely broken.
Etienne, the Devs have not completed the character sheet updates yet. I expect this to happen tomorrow. I assure you the bug fixes have been made as noted at the beginning of this thread.
Phillip G. said: Etienne, the Devs have not completed the character sheet updates yet. I expect this to happen tomorrow. I assure you the bug fixes have been made as noted at the beginning of this thread. Much obliged, working fine now. My players can be a whiny bunch at time :)
Glad things are working well. Please let me know if there are any other issues.
So i dont know if im just missing it but i am not seeing a spot to mark your proficiences.
I envisioned that the proficiencies were in fact class/race abilities and would just go in the abilities section.
hi i was wondering if attack rolls for the ships weapons are in the vision of the sheets future

Edited 1511967766
Hi, as far as i understand the SF-Rulebook, there is a bug in the Charsheet on R20 for Calculating Resolve Points The actual formula from the Charsheet reads: (1 + @{key-ability}) + (floor(@{level}/2)) RAW from SRD reads: You have a number of Resolve Points equal to half your character level (rounded down, but minimum 1) + the modifier of your key ability score (the ability score that is most important to your class). Even if you have a negative modifier, you always have at least 1 Resolve Point. Example: character1 is lvl3 and has a bouns on his signatory Ability of +1, that would grant him RAW: 1/2 character level [3/2=1.5 = 1 (round down)]+Ability Mod [1] = 2 Resolve Points R20: calculates to 3 Resolve Points I am not sure what (floor(@{level}/2) is doing but could imagine that it rounds down every time and thus calling for a constant in the formula of +1 to get the calculation for lvl1 correctley. Edit: found the function on the wiki: floor(x) rounds x towards negative infinity. So i think the constant part of 1 + ... is wrong in the formula.
@Ted, I would like to have some rollers added to the ship sheet portion of the character sheet at some point. I will add this to the top of this forum. At this time I am rather busy and just happy that I seem to have squished all the bugs. Perhaps during the holidays I can work on adding some rollers to the ship sheet. @Sleygon you certainly have the thick of it. Though what I think you have missed is the mouse over note for the formula. It states to remove the "1+" for all levels after first. This was the only way I could get the formula to work properly for level 1. If you find a formula that works without needing modification by the player, please let me know; I would love to include it.
Love the qork you put in this sheet so far. Maybe you already have this on your To-Do list, but will there be a simple option to add solarian weapon crystals and their additional damage die to the weapon attack macro? And speaking of future updates maybe you could add a feature to toggle Sidereal Influence and the bonus from the Stellar Modes on and off.
@Bjoern I'll look into some of that stuff. This is a pretty simple sheet as I am a pretty simple coder.
Yep, you´re right, i didn´t see the tooltip. I got no time so far to look into it but will try workout another formula if possible.
Hey there, I'm a total newbie at coding, and Roll20, but I've been trying to create some template macros, and I'm trying to call the %Selected|Bluff-check in a larger check vs DC macro, and it doesn't seem to be working &{template:pf_check}{{name=Trick Attack, Bluff}}{{check={%Selected|Bluff-Check} ***Feint*** vs [[@{target|foe|npc-cr}+20]] DC (20+CR) If you succeed at the check, you deal 1d4 added damage and the target is flat-footed. *The Spy gets a +4 Bonus* *to this check when using Bluff* }} I've done a work around by just creating a macro that adds up all the different Bluff categories (Ranked, CS, Misc) and calling that macro in it's place. Not sure if it's a bug or I just am not good at this.
I tweaked the per-weapon attack rolling macro on the character sheet to make it easier to read when you mouse over the chat log for the roll. It also prompts you for a modifier before the roll is made. Might be worth considering adding the modifier prompt to other roll macros on the sheet as well - just a thought. &{template:pf_attack} {{name=@{character_name}'s @{pc-weapon-name}}} {{subtags=@{pc-weapon-type}}} {{attack=[[1d20cs&gt;20+[[@{pc-weapon-total-attack}]]+ ?{modifier|0}]]}} {{damage=[[@{pc-damage-dice-num}d@{pc-damage-die}+@{pc-weapon-total-damage}]]}} {{dmgcrit=[[@{pc-damage-dice-num}d@{pc-damage-die}+@{pc-weapon-total-damage}]] and @{pc-weapon-critical}}} {{notes=@{pc-weapon-notes}}} {{attk-notes=@{attack-notes}}}
@John B. I'll have to take a look at what you have when I get to my home computer. We'll see if we can make it work. @Jason while being able to enter that obtuse modifier when it happens every once in a while might be handy, I feel that the distraction of having to enter out a second pop-up for a large majority of my rolls to be annoying. I have seen these types of macros before, and would prefer to leave them out of this sheet. I find that it is just easier to say "That roll has a +1 from 'x'." on the rare occasion that it happens.
That's fair. I'll leave it in my version so I don't need to manually remember to add a modifier or not. My edit in my last post also fixes the floor() equation from showing when you mouse over the roll's chat entry and only shows you the result value. Please consider at least that change as it's just simply easier to decipher. Old vs.&nbsp; New
Now that I could get behind. I have hated the way that the formulas display for mouse over in the chat for like ever! Would you share the code you are using with me?
Yup, it's in my previous post (though it uses the modifier call you mentioned you didn't like so feel free to remove)

Edited 1512911803
I may well be missing something here, but i can not get this sheet to work on the NPC pages, it just gives me a chat log full of errors when i click the attack roll and nothing i try for setting up token actions works either? edit - i have got the attack button working but i am not sure how to convert this to a token action, any tips?
@John B. - I took a look at what you are working on. With regard to the call for the base skill, you have the curly bracket on the wrong side of the precent symbol. You have "{%selected|Skill-Check}", it should be %{selected|Skill-Check}". That should at least handle the call for the skill. Are you trying to incorporate the remaining text with-in the template? If so, I think that is not currently possible. At this time the templates do not have a feature for user defined text. I am going to work to add this. For now, I think your macro could look something like this: &{template:pf_check}{{name=Trick Attack, Bluff}}{{check=%{Selected|Bluff-Check} }} ***Feint*** vs [[@{target|foe|npc-cr}+20]] DC (20+CR) If you succeed at the check, you deal [[1d4]] added damage and the target is flat-footed. *The Spy gets a +4 Bonus to this check when using Bluff*&nbsp; This puts the skill next outside the template box, but it does appear effective in my testing. I'd really like to know how it comes along.
@Jason - I see what you did, adding the double square brackets around the calls prevents the display of the calculation. I am in the process of adding this measure to all of the rollers in the character sheet.
@Tyler - I am not exactly sure what you are trying do. It is tricky to do calls for the repeating section buttons as they have very long name strings. I will see if I can help you out. You can use the following macro to pull the attack roll, where X is the number position of the attack (the first attack is numbered 0): %{selected|repeating_npc-weapon_$X_roll} I hope this is what you are looking for, but if not please let me know.
@Phillip G - that is exactly what i am looking for!!!! :) Thank you!
@Phillip G. Thanks for the help, so I recently did a work around when I wasn't getting that to work by creating a series of macros that added up my character's bluff and things: [[1d20+@{Domo Akolapo|Bluff-cs} +@{Domo Akolapo|Bluff-misc}+@{Domo Akolapo|Bluff-ranks}]] Then using the # call to put it into the template macro with the text, and kept the text in the box: &{template:pf_check}{{name=Trick Attack, Bluff}}{{check=[[#Bluff + 4 ]] ***Feint*** vs [[@{target|foe|npc-cr}+20]] ***DC (20+CR)*** If you succeed at the check, you deal 1d4 added damage and the target is flat-footed. *The Spy gets a +4 Bonus* *to this check when using Bluff* &nbsp;}} I had to play with where I was breaking each line of text so it fit into the box nicely, but it is working that way - but that may be way too much effort for what I'm trying to do as far as keeping it all looking pretty in the template.
Hey John. I took a look at what you were doing and I was able to add a new line to the check template (still working on the others) that will allow users to enter their own text after the check. It is called 'foo'. I saw it in another sheet and used the term. if you use {{foo=user defined text}} it will add a new line(s) of text that are centered and spaced so that you do not have to worry about the spacing. I expect this change to hit the pathways tomorrow sometime when the devs do the character sheet pulls. Let me know if it works for you.
@Phillip - thanks for all your help. I'll keep testing for the user defined foo over the next couple of days to see when it gets rolling.
Should be out now, the other changes I made are.
So if i wanted to make a nice nested menu using the template so i can just have a couple clicks and bam make a check without having to open the character sheet for this what would your advice be? I could not get it to work what so ever.

Edited 1513223553
Phillip G.
Sheet Author
Renderance, I would have to say that you should try to use the total bonus attributes in your macro. Here is an example of a drop down menu macro for skills that incorporates a misc. modifier query for the rare modifier or assist without having to change the character sheet: &{template:pf_check} {{name=@{selected|character_name}'s}} {{check=Skill Check}} {{foo= ?{Choose a Skill(† trained only)| Acrobatics, Acrobatics: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Acrobatics} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Athletics, Athletics: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Athletics} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Bluff, Bluff: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Bluff} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Computers, Computers: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Computers} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Culture, Culture: [[1d20 + [[@{selected|Culture} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Diplomacy, Diplomacy: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Diplomacy} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Disguise, Disguise: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Disguise} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Engineering, Engineering: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Engineering} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Intimidate, Intimidate: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Intimidate} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Life Science, Life Science: [[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Life-Science} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Medicine, Medicine: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Medicine} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Mysticism, Mysticism: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Mysticism} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Perception, Perception: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Perception} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Physical Science, Physical Science: [[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Physical-Science} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Profession, Profession (@{selected|Profession-name}): [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Profession} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Profession 2, Profession (@{selected|Profession2-name}): [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Profession2} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Sense Motive, Sense Motive: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Sense-Motive} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | †Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Hand: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Sleight-of-Hand} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Stealth, Stealth = [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Stealth} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]] | Survival, Survival: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Survival} ]] + ?{Modifier?|0} ]]}}} Note: this will only work for character skills, drone and NPC skills have different attribute names. Edit: That string will not work. The copy paste action did not mind my p's and q's. The query within the query must not use | or }, it must use the HTML entities to get around this problem. When copy pasted these items are returned to their presented characters.

Edited 1513770852
Thanks for the hard work Phillip!&nbsp; Here's a fix for the Resolve Points calculation: ((floor(1/@{level})) + @{key-ability}) + (floor(@{level}/2)) The initial floor(1/level) will round to 0 for any level &gt; 1. Note that this still allows your max resolve points to be 0 (RAW: RP is at least 1) but I haven't found a fix for that yet. Keep up the good work!