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[Starfinder (simple)] Character sheet

Mitsozuka, I'd certainly like to see that. All of the calculations on the sheet are pretty basic and it shouldn't do the weird stuff you are describing.
I do have one theory, but it *shouldn't* be the case, as the errors affect all of my tokens, but not all the characters existed at first.  I had to switch us from the HUD Sheet (Because of the JFC lag it caused) to your sheet, and that *might* be partially responsible, but not all of my characters *had* HUD sheets, so that doesn't jive 100%.   If you are really interested in seeing what's going wrong in our campaign, hit me up in PMs, and we can talk further.  I'm grateful you are listening, and willing to help us out.  SO thanks in advance!
For some reason, new character sheets are not calculating AC correctly. It accounts for armor and Misc AC bonuses, but not Dex. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I've tried closing and reopening the sheet. I've tried reloading the game. I've tried it with multiple sheets.
hello - Thank you for the sheet first off.&nbsp; Question - I am using the Attributes & Abilities section - as a gm- How do I access the sheet template for the look -&nbsp;
Demko, What you are seeing is an issue I am having with the calculation for MAX DEX from armor. If your character is not wearing armor, simply change the MAX DEX value in the armor block to 99 or some other number greater than your characters DEX modifier and the situation will be corrected. I thought I had this fixed, but need to take another look at it. Grundvarg, I'm not sure what you are asking about.
ok The default template&nbsp;&nbsp;&{template:default}&nbsp; Creates a Hot pinkish bar - it gives the text in the chat a certain look- your sheet has a dark blue background and looks very good - I want the macro's I make using the Attribute and Abilities to use the sheets "template" - The way the rolls look in the chat&nbsp;
Oh, I see what you mean. You have to use &{template:pf_check}. You can also substitute pf_attack and pf_spell. Each template has a slightly different appearance and different components. I would recommend checking out this link for more information:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Ahh I see I will need to redo all my macro I think to use them
How would I get my numbers to pull from the Attribute column- as written I would have to go in on each token and plug the Bonus' by hand?
Here is my Physical skills Ability&nbsp; &{template:default} {{name=@{selected|token_name} Attempts a Skill Check!}} {{Acrobatics=[[1d20+@{selected|Acr}]]}} {{Athletics=[[1d20+@{selected|Ath}]]}} {{Piloting=[[1d20+@{selected|Pil}]]}} {{Sleight of Hand=[[1d20+@{selected|SoH}]]}}{{Stealth=[[1d20+@{selected|Stl}]]}}{{Survival=[[1d20+@{selected|Sur}]]}}
Question on something that came up in last nights game. Is there not any place to put Attribute damage currently? or am i just missing it somehow? if so were would be the best place to put / track it. Though it doesnt come up often I was suprised to see no column to track attribute damage.
Grundvarg, the biggest problem you are going to have is that the template on my character sheet contains specific arguments. {{Acrobatics=... }} will not appear using the pf_check template for example. here is an example of the drop down skills macro I use for my characters with this sheet, perhaps it will help: &{template:pf_check} {{name=@{selected|character_name}'s}} {{check=Skill Check}} {{foo= ?{Choose a Skill(† trained only)| Acrobatics, Acrobatics: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Acrobatics} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Athletics, Athletics: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Athletics} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Bluff, Bluff: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Bluff} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Computers, Computers: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Computers} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Culture, Culture: [[1d20 + [[@{selected|Culture} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Diplomacy, Diplomacy: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Diplomacy} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Disguise, Disguise: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Disguise} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Engineering, Engineering: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Engineering} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Intimidate, Intimidate: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Intimidate} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Life Science, Life Science: [[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Life-Science} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Medicine, Medicine: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Medicine} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Mysticism, Mysticism: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Mysticism} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Perception, Perception: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Perception} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Physical Science, Physical Science: [[ 1d20+ [[ @{selected|Physical-Science} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Piloting, Piloting: [[1d20 + [[ @{selected|Piloting} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Profession, Profession (@{selected|Profession-name}): [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Profession} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Profession 2, Profession (@{selected|Profession2-name}): [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Profession2} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Sense Motive, Sense Motive: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Sense-Motive} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | †Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Hand: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Sleight-of-Hand} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Stealth, Stealth = [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Stealth} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]] | Survival, Survival: [[ 1d20 + [[ @{selected|Survival} ]] + ?{Modifier?&#124;0&#125; ]]}}} This may be difficult to view, but if you copy paste it into wordpad or similar you should be able to see it better with word wrap. You should notice some bizarre code (specifically: &#124; &#125; and &#44;) this is necessary to embed a query within a query. You can view more on this in the help wiki. I hope this was helpful.
Gary C. - Yeah the Pathfinder sheet has a spot to put damage and drain, but I didn't include it on this simple sheet. Key word right. Anyway, if I were dealing with your issue, I would place the damage in the ability increase box and try to remember to correct after the condition was cleared. I'll add a recommendation to add a misc&nbsp; box to that section.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION Thank you to Mitsozuka A. for uncovering a technical problem. If you create characters on the Starfinder HUD sheet and then change the sheet for the campaign, most data will transfer, but there will be problems with token calls (SP, HP, and resolve) as well as skills and saves not calculating correctly. This is caused by the coding for the attributes of the character sheet. I have no intention of changing my coding to match the other sheet. If you encounter this problem, the best solution I have for you is to create a new sheet and fill it out with the information from your old one. At this time I have no idea what happens if you change the sheets the other way.