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Animation Feedback Thread 2.0


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Roll20 Team
Animation Feedback & Bug Reporting Hi everyone! In an effort to provide some clarity and differentiation between issues we have split the Animations and AFoW threads. You can view the original thread here: Original Animations and AFoW Feedback Thread If you are looking for Advanced Fog of War you can check the new thread here: Advanced Fog of War Feedback Thread 2.0 These two threads will be running in tandem as we continue to resolve reported issues. The known issues and updates lists have also been separated for clarity's sake. Submitting a Report In order to best pass along information and submit tickets we request the following so that we can properly escalate issues. As always, ensure you also give the troubleshooting guide a try to ensure we are restricting any outlying effects. Keep multiple issues separated by post Narrow down causes: Turn off features that do not directly impact the issue (i.e. Dynamic Lighting or AFoW) Include a screenshot displaying the behavior if possible Link to an example game experiencing the issue Note: that this is not a join link Outline expected behavior vs actual behavior Reproduction steps for the issue Ideally from a fresh or pre-made game (module/add-on) A console log from the troubleshooting guide Clearing your console log prior to the action causing the problem can increase clarity and reduce overall post size We may have additional questions related to your particular issues but the above provides us a good baseline to work from.

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Roll20 Team
Known Issues The following are known issues with Animations The uploader progress bar does not update very often, so it can be hard to tell if an animation has finished uploading. Be patient; animations take longer to upload and convert than static images. Animations do not work in rollable tables; they can upload to a table item, but they won't preview or be sent to the chat as a roll result, and the rollable table token won't display new sides when you change them.  Additionally, rollable table tokens with static images won't display the new side when changed. The new side does display when the browser is refreshed. This is another high-priority item to fix. Animations do not work in cards; they display as a broken image. However, when you play the card to the VTT, the animation displays. Animations display as a broken image in the initiative tracker Setting the page background to transparent results in a thin border around animations. For table on tablet, when stopping animations, the animation disappears. When you first upload an animation, the thumbnail preview in the Recent Uploads list displays a broken image. Refreshing the page, or just the uploads list (clicking the little 2-box filter icon) fixes this. On Dev The following issues are in active testing for resolution on the Development Server None at this time Resolved Issues When the map or largest image on a page is an animation, the preview image in the page navigator appears as a broken image. For animations on the marketplace, the preview "frame" is rendered in a low-res image, so there's a slight "blurring" effect, and when the animation is halted, the image can be blurry due to the low resolution. This is the highest priority issue to fix, and when done, animations purchased from the marketplace will no longer be blurry; you will not need to re-add the animations to your games. Similarly, when an uploaded animation is stopped (such as when the Enable Animations checkbox is unchecked), the low-resolution preview image will display and may appear blurry. Static .gif images are converted to .webm. If you are uploading a static gif to a feature that doesn't fully support animations (such as rollable tables or card decks), it will result in a broken image in the feature's preview. Fixed on Mar 8 When zooming in on an animation, the controls do not work, and the animation does not display. This will be fixed in a hotfix on Jan 30. Updates January 30 : Fix video popout when pressing 'z' with a token selected. February 14: The play/pause button on animated tokens no longer covers the status icons. March 4: Animations no longer have a "blurred frame" - When the Animations and AFoW changes went out, there were several Known Issues to be fixed, and one of the top ones was an issue in which animations would have one blurry frame. This was caused by the low-resolution preview frame being loaded in the animation. New animations will no longer have the single low-res frame (unless you made one, of course). If you have uploaded animations and experienced this issue, you'll need to re-upload your animations to fix them. Animations purchased in the marketplace will be fixed soon; if you've dragged an animation from the marketplace into your game, you will need to re-add it to the game after they are fixed. March 8: Webm uploads need to support transparency - Uploading animations now supports transparency in webm files. Static .gifs are being converted to webm - Static gifs are now converted to a static file format (which shows up as jpeg but is not a jpeg).

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Roll20 Team
To pass through information from the  original thread : With this split of the original thread I recognize that there are issues (I am still currently working through the original thread to update this one) that may not already be in the list. If you do not notice your issue in the  Known Issues  section, please feel free to re-post it so I can make sure it gets added in. Furthermore, if you are experiencing an issue that should be fixed per the  Resolved Issues  section, please state the numbered bullet corresponding with your issue (this will help greatly in quickly organizing!). I will be continuing to format these threads to assist in navigation. We are also continuing to gather a birds-eye-view of the original thread so that we can inform priorities going into the next round of fixes. I will be updating this post with general information outside of the direct topic at hand of this thread as I can. Thank you everyone for your patience!
And thank you for your diligence.
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Scanning the old thread, it seems like animations run very slow. (Emphasis mine.) lewis c. Permalink   Quote   Report So, I recorded an example of the Jukebox issues I've been having since adding animations to my game. Here we see a 20x20 area, with 4 copies of a 10x10 animated overlay and some scenery. Note that both tracks that are playing (uploaded to roll20 and massively stripped down in quality to limit file size) chug and cut out intermittently. I should stress that - while the jukebox has never been the most stable part of roll20 in my experience - this problem has only arisen since I added the animations to my game. I'm using a plugin in the recording (VCC Enhancement Suite) however the same issues persist with it uninstalled. They also persist when logged in as a player. and Nick S.  Pro   Marketplace Creator   Translator Permalink   Quote   Report Stephanie B.  said: Nico, If you view just the animation in your browser, what kind of performance do you get? Can you post a console log from while the animations are running and when you try to delete the animation?  Nico  said: Performance with animations seems to be horrible. I testes it with my 2 of my players and it seems to consume a lot of cpu (~65% of my CPU: i5 3570k) and even 50% of more modern cpus. Also does not unload the animations properly: Even if I delete the animations, the high cpu usage does not disappear.   I can also confirm that animations seem to have extremely poor performance in-game. Outside of the game I can have 50 tabs open with the large animations playing and looping at once without a problem, and in-game it seems to struggle even with one. It's not unplayable for me, but it is noticeable slower and stutter. I know there is a bug with audio + animations that causes that, but even without a single sound being played, animations seem to have trouble playing. 
Roll20 Team
Thanks Brian for carrying those over! First Lewis-- creating a copy of the game I was unable to reproduce the behavior. Could you see if you can recreate the behavior in a new game (while the VTT Enhancement suite is disabled) while providing steps on what you added (marketplace file names would be useful here as well). With your current game, if you could grab a console log capturing when the sound stops it might also shed some light on what is interrupting it. Thanks! Nico, Could you run through the  troubleshooting guide  as well? Knowing what browser you are using and other such information from the above post will be very handy :) Additionally, it may also be worth trying to toggle Hardware Acceleration (On to off or vice-versa) on your browser to see if that has an effect. Thanks!

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Don’t forget to clean  clear your cache as well. oops
Nick S.
Marketplace Creator
Hi Drespar, I have personally tested animations with Opera, Chrome and Firefox. In all of them, as soon as the pixel size of the animation starts going up, the animation makes the browser use a lot more cpu, and even though the cpu is not maxed out, the animations slow down considerably and stutter. It does not matter whether the animation was 1mb or 10mb before the upload. It does not matter if it was 30x30 tiles or an in-game upscaled animation originally 5x5 tiles. It does not matter if it has 5 fps or 30 fps. It does not matter if it's on a 2 second loop of 15 second loop. From what I could test, the larger the animation is (size in pixels) when rendered in the tabletop, the more trouble it has. The more it slows down and stutter in any browser. Edge / IE is not even worth mentioning as the animations don't even display transparency properly there, but that's the browser's fault. As I mentioned in the quote above, I can play several animations looping at the same time in the same browsers I am using to test without any problem whatsoever, even with the original animations I created which are much larger in size than what is allowed to upload to Roll20. But as soon as any one of them is in a Roll20 game, not only does it lose a great deal of quality, as they're compressed to ~10% of their original size (though that's a problem for another day), they play slowly and stutter. My point here is that browsers have tougher limitations than a desktop app, however a single animation shouldn't reach that limit. I could not help but notice that even though there's an overwhelming amount of reports , I could not find the performance problems in the known issues from the first post. I also could not find the Audio + Animations bug. There are a few reports in the previous thread with the corresponding console logs, it's even mentioned in Brian's quote above, and someone I helped with animation problems was having that issue as well. Some reports not in the old thread that may help or reinforce the issues of performance and quality inside Roll20: Memm  said: The animations themselves are really well done, but unfortunately the effects almost unusable for large maps. Having more than two of the 25x25 or 30x30 animations active at the same time takes almost all of my CPU and GPU processing power (Firefox, 95-100%), freezing all animations and causing intense lag. Probably has to do with the way Roll20 uses animations, but unfortunately trying to cover larger map with these animations is not currently possible... The map I tried these on was 70x40 squares with dynamic lighting. [...] Yeah, unfortunately the problem is with the way Roll20 handles animations. Normally my CPU usage is -- even in a campaign with 5 years worth of stuff and large maps filled with assets -- around 5-10%. However, as soon as I add one 25x25 weather animation the CPU usage goes all the way up to 45%. Add in another and the CPU usage is ~80%. Third one clogs the computer. That's just bonkers. That said, these weather animations are superb. Shame that Roll20 doesn't work well with animations :/ Andrew  said: [...] I gather Roll20 need to make some changes before these animations will be usable. Otherwise you may find a lot of ill-will created as other buyers come back here to bitch. I have been testing these now: 1. They only work in Chrome, not Firefox. I can't prescribe what browser my players must use. (In Firefox I get a black animated place holder to show where the animation would go, which covers up my map. Screenshot below shows 1 rain and 1 fog animation.).  2. They push CPU usage up high. Some of my players have crummy computers and will struggle. [...] Andrew  said: UPDATE: I have found that if I disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox, the animation works great! (but has a higher CPU usage). So I think the fault was not with the animation file, and not with roll20, and not with Firefox ... but with drivers or something related to my own PC's hardware. Big thanks to @Nick and @Stefan R for helping me figure this out. Teeleh 1 week ago (YT) I bought it and I really love the animations. Unfortunately, Roll20 is a resource glut and the animations bog it down even more. Here's hoping the animation layer resolves some of the stuttering. That's not a knock on you, though. Really awesome product. james reilly 2 weeks ago (YT) So pretty kewl; did have a question - within the video above the the effects are crisp and vibrant...for me the snow & rain are dull not white as in the video.  Am I missing something?  Rocking pretty good internet and have now issues with system. Colt Gross 2 weeks ago (YT) How do you use this I keep getting the black backround and cant place anything over it or it covers the effect or my map piece [...] I figured it out just so you know it only works on chrome not windows 10 I really, really hope that those can be solved by the time the "layer up" update hits the tabletop. I've been testing and reporting these things since before animations went live months ago. It's an amazing feature, but so far poorly implemented.
(Firstly, thanks to Brian for copying my post over.) Alrighty, so I did as suggested and replicated the issue. I once again recorded the process: starting from the point where I launch the new game. (I actually started recording from the point where I created the game, but remembered that I still had VTT installed and had to go uninstall it) Same results. I did notice however, that after deleting the assets, the music continued to chug and cut out. I think it's pretty clear from the video however that it starts as soon as I start adding multiple animations to the game: (Music first starts failing at about 2:45) As for the log: I didn't want to flood the forum so I copied it into a PDF and uploaded it to dropbox: The marketplace asset pack is named (In Roll20) "Weather Effects Animated Pack1" and each of the animations contained within seem to cause the same issues. They should all be visible in the recording. If it helps, I'm using Google Chrome with hardware acceleration switched on. The slowdown seems to be significantly reduced when I rejoin my game as a player, but my players have all reported similar issues with my sound cutting out when I use animations.
So glad to see from the release notes today that the Dev team has begun work on fixing issues with rollable tables. Hopefully one day soon, animations on rollable tables will be fixed as well. *Dreams on*