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A better way to organize pages.


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+1 Pages and pages of people. It's genuinely surprising. I'm currently scrolling through my 50-60 pages and that's only after 3 sessions. This does not bode well!
I have just started my campaign, we have played 2 sessions and I'm working on preparing all the maps of the region that the campaign is in. I'm gonna get super frustrated when I get to 20+ pages. Like many others I wonder how hard can this be to solve when it has been a known issue for 7 years. Has any developer made any statement whatsoever or don't they give a **** about this?
Running a campaign, using pre-written content purchased from Roll20 ... I have no control over how many I have on the toolbar at a time (not the problem), my issue arises in trying to move about, particularly in a way that keeps the pace for my players. The suggestion of folders to break campaigns into sections would be handy but surely after several years, there is an elegant solution. EDIT: User in this thread shared this handy tip for those like me that didn't know... "EDIT: HUGE discovery! I just found that if you pick up the player banner on the page toolbar, you can use the arrow keys to scroll left and right through your maps. The visual player banner won't follow your cursor exactly, but will still land on whatever map you release over!"
Over 3 years of time, hundreds of people requesting, multiple homebrew solutions proving it's not some herculean task, and the feature already existing on other portions of the website and we still don't have one of the most essential tools for managing lists of things when it comes to our maps: Folders. Devs, if you read this your current implementation already uses multiple folder structures. I am staring at the "resources" list for map objects right now, you even have art assets you can reuse. I'm sure you've got a bunch of API and server side stuff to work around but you've already shown us this is within your capability. I don't mean to sound irate but if I'm mad it's because I have the background to know how simple this is. I began my search for "Why can't I folder?" expecting to find out I was missing something and am shocked that not only am I not, but you've got a thread with hundreds of requests stretching back over years of time for a simple feature. Having a campaign with more than 10 maps is a nightmare to run and unless your codebase is basically spaghetti you could EASILY fix it. And when I say easily I mean W3schools has a tutorial you can follow in a few hours that makes UI elements doing just this that both look excellent and are easy to slot into an existing framework like Bootstrap or whatever Roll20 uses. As someone setting up a campaign that is likely to have dozens of maps before we're done... please. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
+1&nbsp; We are three sessions in and it is already irritating and time-consuming to manage pages. Sorting into files, searching, anything but the horizontal scroll? Also a true quick and easy duplicate page 100% instantly, including all layers, just as you can duplicate a character sheet, not some workaround.&nbsp;
Duplicate pages instantly with all layers.&nbsp; Great idea!&nbsp; I just ran across that very issue in my Tuesday Classic Traveller game.
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It was mentioned in a Pro Thread , but to let you all know, many aspects of this request now have a spot on the schedule for development. I say "aspects" because I'm typing my reply into page eight of the thread, and there are a depth and breadth of opinions and requests represented here. These will likely be delivered over time, and not as a lump.
OK, for those of you who can not find it, the very last line in the posting states:&nbsp; “Page Navigation. Work has begun on my #1 tabletop improvement! :D” I suppose that could be a reference to campaign maps stored in folders?&nbsp; Or it could just as easily mean another zoom control somewhere else on the page.&nbsp; Hard to say. What is interesting is the reference to stability upgrades.&nbsp; Which, if I understand correctly, did not address issues of managing a game but instead focused on allowing a greater number of people to use their service.&nbsp; Draw your own conclusion.

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I'm just amazed that after 5 years this suggestion is finally moving into the development queue!&nbsp; HOORAY!
Shocking honestly
+1 to this. It's not easy scrolling through tons of maps to find the right one. And the system of sorting them is even worse! I can only move a 'page' three or four at a time before having to scroll over to move it three or four more...
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Very happy to see this change is now in the pipeline!
Yo no puedo creer que esto sigueeee así de mal hasta el día de la fecha!!
+1 This would be a huge quality of life improvement! I'm not new to Roll20, but new to GMing on it and this is my #1 frustration as I like to have multiple "scenes" per session. This suggestion is a long thread but I'm not sure if this is mentioned: when you create a new page, please put it at the beginning of the page list and not the end please. Having to 'hunt' for the new page is a pain as well. Thank you.
Seriously. Folders for Pages. PLEASE. Thank you for attending my TED talk.
+1 for Folders to organize Pages. I don't want one of my first posts on the forums to be a long, critical assessment of the current state of development for this platform so I will keep this short. My friends and I have finally committed to hosting our tabletop fun here at Roll20. One of the three of us (not me) has subscribed at the Pro level to facilitate our needs. It is my turn to generate the next adventure and I am spending my time today learning the in's and out's of Roll20. In an attempt to keep things organized (project manager at heart) I went to the Pages view to figure out how to keep my soon to be created stuff in a singular location and not just mixed in the pot with everyone else's. I was very surprised to see that there is no support within the Pages view to do that. I thought that maybe I just wasn't looking in the right spot and, in searching these forums, discovered this thread. I was blown away to see that the original post was made 5 years ago but was hopeful seeing 8 pages of comments that, to me, indicated that there had probably been a solution developed and that I just wasn't looking in the right spot. Imagine my surprise when I got to the end of this thread and there was still nothing... not even a WiP solution. Absolutely stunning! I started the day almost expecting to upgrade my account to access more features to really make my first adventure stand out. I will not be doing that. Again, I have been active on this platform for less than a total of 24 hours and, as a lifelong tabletop gamer, immediately recognized a core, organizational need that, despite being called out 5 YEARS AGO, has not been addressed in any way by the development team. (No offense and nothing but admiration for the ingenuity of those out there creating their own scripting solutions and sharing them with the community.) Folks on this thread have repeatedly voiced their frustration around what priorities are being taken into consideration when the development calendar is built and updated. Some have cautioned that there is a disconnect between the business ($$$) priorities and the priorities of those that actually use their platform. After reading this thread, I am most certain that my experience is not a unique one. I, and many others like me over the course of 5 YEARS, are a confirmation that what has been called out by some as specific and competing priorities are actually, in practice, one and the same. My customer experience and that of everyone else on this thread (many, many more not on this thread, I'm certain) is broken in a fundamental way and has not been addressed. As a consequence, any potential revenue I would have provided to support this and other features is lost. There are no competing priorities.
+42 for obvious reasons
Throwing my hat in the ring here, been using roll20 for years and years, and even on day 1, this was the largest annoyance for me, and it still is. All the other updates to this day (except perhaps folders/playlists for music) has been inconsequential for my game.
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Yes!&nbsp; Yes!&nbsp; This is the worst part of running a game on R20.&nbsp; &nbsp;Soooo glad fixes are incoming!!
100% +1 Especially as someone that thinks of starting to DM, making a game and quickly seeing that monster that is the map slider is VERY discouraging Even small adventures have like 15-20 locations which is a nightmare, I don't even want to think of long campaigns. I honestly doubt that anything other than "the website is crashing and we don't know why" is more important than 7 years, 8 pages and over 100 posts screaming "MAP FOLDERS".
+1 it would be veeeery useful!
+1 for folders on pages from brazil dinosaurs' sons playing since awareness or 92
Definitely a must-needed change. The CSS fix can only carry a campaign so far. Hope to see some enhancements soon.
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Currently, when a DM has many maps, it can be a headache when trying to shuffle through the page tool bar horizontally. Here are some suggestions to improve this function. Have you thought about allowing the "page tool bar" to create its own window like you are able to do with characters?&nbsp; allow the page tool bar to be scrolled vertically allowing smaller thumbnails for each map be able to sort your maps like you do with your tokens by using folders.&nbsp;
+1 to this, we are only 10 or so sessions in and I delete most maps that I can see us ABSOLUTELY not using again. However, there are some that I put a lot of time into at the beggining of the campaign that I hope to come back to, which means re-organizing the pages one by one so that I don't have to scroll to the end every time we switch scenes. A folder option would be superb
I'm running a sandbox campaign, I have no idea where the party could head to, so having a folder structure that I can quickly flick would be vital. At the moment I'm using a database id naming convention as pseudo folders within the archive folder, but that is still a bit messy and relies upon me clicking restore and archive each time the party changes its location.
I would love to see the page menu (maps) be more organizable, specifically with folders that could be opened and closed, instead of having to scroll through a long list. As soon as you have a campaign that lasts more than one or two sessions you have to many maps to conveniently navigate between.&nbsp;
Samryb said: I would love to see the page menu (maps) be more organizable, specifically with folders that could be opened and closed, instead of having to scroll through a long list. As soon as you have a campaign that lasts more than one or two sessions you have to many maps to conveniently navigate between.&nbsp; If you weren't already aware, you can "archive" maps. This simply puts them into a single folder at the end of the list of maps, but it allows you to keep only the current maps available for immediate selection. The "archive" doesn't do anything special with the maps, it just moves their view away from the list of selectable maps.

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Farling said: If you weren't already aware, you can "archive" maps. This simply puts them into a single folder at the end of the list of maps, but it allows you to keep only the current maps available for immediate selection. The "archive" doesn't do anything special with the maps, it just moves their view away from the list of selectable maps. This works up to a point, at least until the number of needed, active maps grows large. And if your players decide to venture to a location that you haven't dealt with in a few weeks--so you archived the map--it gets annoying to dig the specific map out of a giant list of old maps in archive. And naming schemes only work up to a point. I just want to emphasize that these workarounds are okay but, the only solution to the problem is to give us--including the free players-- real map folders.&nbsp; I'm just glad Roll20 is finally doing this.
We will have to see what they actually give us.
5 years on the back burner? We really could use a folder system in the map bar bump and up vote please :-)
I've been running a campaign for a couple months now, and the scope is quickly expanding. I'm getting to the point in maps where I'm tempted to open up a new campaign &nbsp;opposed to trying to sort through all of these. Please Dev Team, we would super appreciate having this&nbsp;
Yeah, this need to be a thing for sure.&nbsp; I have way too many maps that need organizing! +1
This, a thousand times this.&nbsp; We desperately need a better way to organize pages.
i'm pretty young, mid 20's but i definitely hope i live to see the day that star citizen&nbsp;finally comes out &nbsp;that i can store maps in a folder; kinda like archive but maybe more than 1 archive? weird that roll20 already has the feature for having map page just only has 1 map folder instead of like...more than 1. anyway i voted on this like several years ago without ever commenting so good to see it hasn't been implemented yet, wouldn't really know what to do with my campaign if i suddenly have the ability to put multiple layers of a dungeon in their own folder when i don't know if ill need them again.&nbsp;considering i run a campaign with a co-dm who has their own maps and dungeons, boy wouldn't it be crazy to accidentally put one of their maps into one of my folders? better to just have them scattered around in the same menu with all of the ones i've made so my archive is like 100 maps long and after 2 years i'm starting to forget what some of the maps are because i have both overland travel maps and important site maps.
+1 VTT does a lot, but having Roll20 maintain a similar function would be so much better in terms of reliability&nbsp;
Not only folders to pages, but folders themselves being able to archive and un-archive would be a god send as well.
+1 Campaigns end up with a lot of maps, being able to create folders to then open them up per Chapter would make my life as a DM so much easier.
+1 folders would be incredibly useful in a long term campaign
Running large campaigns with a ton of maps can be annoying if you need to switch maps a lot and if there are other maps in between. Since you can move maps around, would it be possible if you drag one map over another, that the maps will be in some kind of folder and if you click on it you are inside that folder and see only the maps in there? (E.G. one folder for Battlemaps / Encounters, one for Cities / Towns, Villages, ...)
+1 folders would make running large campaigns way easier
yes please