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A better way to organize pages.


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Glenn S. said: +1 Pages and pages of people. It's genuinely surprising. I'm currently scrolling through my 50-60 pages and that's only after 3 sessions. This does not bode well! 50-60 pages after 3 session?? wow.  that's insane dedication.  how do you even find the time?? my homebrew campaign i have maybe 3-4 pages going into my 3rd session. it takes a hours to make one map.
+1  Even just allowing folders in the page archive to better organize and improve load times is just fine with me.  
+ 1 I need this. 
OMG +1000 please. I keep tons of maps ready to go and restoring from archive gets annoying. Folders would ROCK. My list of 350 maps is too long lol
i just wanted to add that while i really appreciate the work user wandler ( you can see here ) did 5 years ago with CSS to make the page bar much larger is really helpful. its not an actual fix to the problem we have with pages, all it does is kick the can down the road a while for long term or indefinitely lengthed campaign on roll20. im personally running a west marches game, a west marches game is designed specifically around the idea that players will return to locations again and again meaning i cant just delete or archive and forget maps i make, they are all useful, not to mention having a lot of generic overland travel maps is also very useful, and for a large game like west marches which could have like 50 players and 4 dm's repetitively using the same map doesn't mean i cut down on the other maps i need, its the complete opposite it means i need MANY more maps at the same time. i cant emphasis enough that folders for maps is a basic requirement for running a D&D campaign, why it wasn't something that roll20 had initially is beyond my understanding but furthermore i don't understand why its not of the highest priority to roll20. think of it, another company offering a table top simulation in browser could be made tomorrow with folders for maps, suddenly running D&D is possible on a different platform because it feels like running D&D on roll20 is basically just doing the best i can with what i have, and what i have is a broken leg. i suppose the vast majority of the users of roll20 must use theater of the mind, which makes you wonder why roll20 has a grid in the first place.
+3.1415 I will send you all pie if you make Map Folders.  Or cake if you prefer!
As this thread's founder, I'm delighted that it keeps getting votes after nearly 6 years. Looking forward to seeing an implementation of this feature on the Dev server soon!
Mr. Farlops said: As this thread's founder, I'm delighted that it keeps getting votes after nearly 6 years. Looking forward to seeing an implementation of this feature on the Dev server soon! Was this announced? If so, link please.
It was mentioned in the Pro forum (which you do not have access to), but basically, it said that Page Navigation was one area that would see feature improvements in the near future, with no explicit dates. I infer it to be after Updated Dynamic Lighting is in production and stable.

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Apologies, my mistake-- How I meant that to read is, "I'm glad this suggestion is on the queued list and hope to one day see it move finally to the dev list--hopefully not taking another 6 years to do so. :-)" Matt W. said: Was this announced? If so, link please.
The single most difficult thing about roll20 is page management and how there isn't a folder for the pages! The second most difficult thing about roll20 is how laggy big maps are with dynamic lighting. +1 for folders please.
+1 Eternal. Folders would be amazing. Trust that it is progress. As a webdev, i get that much testing needs doing first. But would love any kind of official announcement, even if only that this is in progress. thank you.

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Up at the top of this page (near the thread title) it says the status of this suggestion is "Queued" so it is moving forward.
+1ing this, been running games for five years now and I have work arounds for a lot of things, besides how much I hate the Map Page, came onto the forum to post exactly this, happy to support!
+1, lets make this happen. Either a pop-out menu in order to navigate your pages or something of the sort. But being able to condense your like-areas into folders would be amazing.
+1 - this 100% its very very frustrating to have to mess around with mid game and ruins the flow when I have to make everyone wait while I struggle swapping/finding my maps. I came here just to post this very suggestion. 
+1 i really could use this, i dm a pretty long campaign and i have been struggling with this for a while
+1  I came to Roll20 at the start of Covid with my group.  Now 24 weekly sessions later I have a mass of maps.  Usually 2 or 3 per session so I definitely need a better way to organize than scrolling the bar endlessly and then moving a map to where my player map is because I can't throw the player tag around easily.  I came here thinking that there must be a better way!
Things seemed to be finally moving on this, but then Roll 20 went quiet. I suspect the issues they are having with UDL has slowed down (not sure I can say this slowed down, since it was not moving at all) development on other things. I would love an update from Roll 2o though. 
Marketplace Creator
+! also would like to see this problem remedied.
Dan DiPietro
Marketplace Creator
+1 - As a content creator I have easily over 100 maps. Even if the archive organization had a thumbnail would be helpful
+1 Please.  I'm running Rappan Athuk. 
+1 (billion)  I'm a map maker, a visual storyteller. The organization is such hot garbage. Almost everything else in Roll20 is in the Great to Pretty Good realm, but page organization is pure trash.
It is becoming literally impossible for me to add on new maps, because at this point I have over 30 maps that my players have been in, and having to scroll between them is SO hard.
+100 and honestly, Roll20, it's embarrassing that this "feature request" (basic functionality anywhere else) is six years old.
Just here to show my support for this feature. Map organization needs major work. Let us organize maps like we do the journal. 
+1000 please 🥳
Peeking in to see if this is fixed yet... nope. I've now not only cancelled my subscription, costing Roll20 at least two years of subscription revenue, I've also actively been experimenting with alternatives.  The continuous messaging that this is a high priority and will be worked on Really Soon Now is really souring.  The fact that this has been very important to them for years and still no indication that anything has been done is simply an insult at this point.  Either it's *not* important in any way, or they simply are unable to do the work... neither alternative makes me interested in an ongoing financial commitment.
Several members of my gaming group have started using FoundryVTT to run their games.  From what I've seen it offers better support for storing maps in folders and allows direct JavaScript in macros.  Two features shamefully lacking in Roll20.  And at least for now, it also lacks the political drama that Roll20 is still recovering from and I received a direct response from the main developer within an hour of my requesting help with an issue I had on my account. 
4 months since the last Roll20 response on a thread that is 5 years old... Responsive...
Just logged into my game today (first time since last Tuesday) and the page organization has been improved.  Instead of a horizontal scroll, the maps are tiled and there is a vertical scroll.  Finding pages is much easier, and reordering is easier too.  Haven't tried to do much else yet, but this is an improvement IMO.  Check it out.
+1 for this suggestion. Vertical scroll is good, folders would be better! My last campaign had a lot  of maps and it was difficult to keep everything organized for smooth play / transition.
Thank you all for your suggestions! Your continued dedication to making Roll20 better is appreciated. As some of you have already noticed, we've released a small step towards making the page menu easier to use and organize—the vertically scrolling grid view. We know that this isn't a solution to every concern in the thread, but we do think that it's a good first step. We hope that you enjoy it!
I use the "archive" function to hide maps that aren't actively being used, or imminently being used. opticaliqlusion said: +1 for this suggestion. Vertical scroll is good, folders would be better! My last campaign had a lot  of maps and it was difficult to keep everything organized for smooth play / transition.
Happy to see the grid view and vertical scroll FINALLY appear. I can finally turn off that functionality in the VTT Enhancement suite. The next step has to be folder organization for pages. 
Good first step, much improved already!
This is an old CSS modification to Roll20 that's been around for a few years.  It's an improvement but not a solution.
OH MY GOD ! FINALLY ! After almost 5 years of asking.... WE FINALLY GOT SOME CHANGES ! Thank you so much ! The new interface is REALLY helping. Folders would now be sweet... but HECK it was about time for this feature to be updated !

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+1 I need this. I just put some add ons in my game and now there are tons of maps that I would really like to organize.

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The grid view is indeed an improvement and I'm grateful for it but, I'm afraid I agree with Archadious. I also highly recommend using the VTT ES browser extension--a plug-in for both Firefox and Chrome . Among many other features, it improves the page grid layout much further by reducing the map pages to a simple, short menu of titles. But, only with proper folders will I consider this problem solved. Archadious said: This is an old CSS modification to Roll20 that's been around for a few years.  It's an improvement but not a solution.
+1. Starting to DM a west marches Lancer campaign and this is sorely needed. Disappointing to see it's been six years.
+1. The update is nice, but only a patch really. I would love to be able to easily organize my maps.
Do this please!
+1 I'm someone who loves to make maps for pretty much every occasion for my players and I have a very quickly growing collection of maps for the one game that I'm running with tonnes of ideas for more that I would like to add.  Being able to sort them into groups would make my D&D 5e sessions that I run run far smoother since I'd be able to just stay in folders for 'town' when they're in a city and in a folder for 'wilderness' when they're travelling and so on, rather than having to look through all of my maps every single time it's time to change scene.
+1 we need this, plz roll20
+1 how is this not a feature yet?
I started a post about Folders for the Page Toolbar yesterday and then was pointed to this. I cast my vote here instead.