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Dark Mode (Roll20 so bright!)

For the sake of my ocular health, can we get a dark mode/theme for all of I love Roll20...but it's sooooo bright! 
Yes please this

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There's a temporary solution for this until roll20 adds it. Download the browser addon Stylish Stylus and search their site for roll20. You'll see several dark themes that you can use. Edit: Use Stylus as Ziechael suggests.
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I'd just add that in recent times Stylish has been known to be compromised with malware/spyware. Stylus is the currently suggested method for altering client side html :)
Spren said: There's a temporary solution for this until roll20 adds it. Download the browser addon Stylish and search their site for roll20. You'll see several dark themes that you can use. Browser extensions that modify sites like that are inherently unsafe.
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+1 for accessibility. The white backgrounds here make my eyes narrow and water, particularly on the Community Forums.
Yes please!
I want to make several hundred accounts just so I can give this the votes it deserves (no, I won't do that, don't worry). Dark mode is an accessibility feature , not just an aesthetic choice . Almost all apps (... with the exception of Slack, cough cough ) that users look at for long periods of time support dark modes, and roll20 should as well. 
Yes! Please! All sites should have dark mode! But there is so much white on this site long D&D sessions give me a headache every single time! Please please please dark mode!
Bast L.
API Scripter
Eye +1
No darkmode for you
need darkmode
Sheet Author
Yes, please, with my sensory disorder, even a cream or tan setting would lessen my overstimulation.
This, and perhaps even a sepia mode for people that like that rustic feel when playing fantasy games
An official dark mode would be amazing
Zachare S.
API Scripter
I too would like the Supernova of light to be reduced. Mainly for just... feel. I use Roll20 on my Large Screen TV and would like to darken the lights for mood, but...ITS SO BRIGHT.
An extension of this that I would very much love to have is some background images we can put behind the text. I don't know about others, but I know my group would very much enjoy having a parchment background instead of the stark white that's currently there. Even just different themes for the entire right-side of the VTT would be great. 
I love this idea! All the blinding white on Roll20 has definitely been hard on the eyes
If this wasn't a post I was going to make it one because this website is so bright, it's distracting from the game most times. 
Yeah. This is needed. And it shouldn't be too hard to implement.
Yes yes yes.
By whatever god(dess), gods or goddesses you hold holy, please implement this. +10,000
Yes please
Yes please. My eyes!
+1 !!!
very good idea!
PLEASE. I'm blinded every time roll20 opens
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Have mercy on our eyes.
Yes, it's become painful ...
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Any kind of dark mode is dependent on updates to our front end code, parts of which are under development now.
Definitely a vote YES from me!
+1 !
Sweet, I came looking to see if this has been suggested before posting. We really need a dark mode, my eyes will thank you. 
Yes please.
Would love this as an option as well!
Please, please. My poor eyes. I have ocular floaters and I can hardly even look at roll20 without my eyes trying to chase things that aren't there.
I too would like a dark mode.
Make Dark Mode already.  Many of us pay for this month after month and need an option besides being blinded every time we open the site.
yes....dark mode please
As a GM who hosts games in the evenings (my local time), YES PLEASE!  A dark mode would be awesome! Maps and art assets will always incur a certain minimum brightness, but being able to limit the amount of pure white on the screen from the other UI elements would help a lot!
+1 an official dark mode would be great.  Stylus and Dark Reader and are great, but the colors and shades are never quite right.  Especially, inside the game/VTT.
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Kenton said: Any kind of dark mode is dependent on updates to our front end code, parts of which are under development now. What day or week is this projected to be finished? Squinting just to log-in to check if Dark Mode has happened yet.
Even if this is not about Dark Mode itself, I suggest you to try f.lux , as it will help you with some eye issues.
Dark mode please.
yes please!
Hey there! I'm new here and this was a feature I looked for right away, so decided to do a search. I'm glad to see this is much requested and just wanted to chip in too. I struggle focussing on a white background, it really hurts my eyes and makes reading difficult for prolonged periods. Fingers crossed the Dev Team are able to push this while they update their front end as mentioned last month. n__n
Yes plz, dark themes always and everywhere, it's almost always the first thing i look for
Yes please
Very happy to see that this is in progress. Any updates on ETA?