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Dark Mode (Roll20 so bright!)

Why has this not been done yet? This has been suggested for over a year apparently. This is extremely important to people being able to actually use the site.  This is not an aesthetic feature. This is accessibility. The default site is physically painful to look at. Something in recent patches seems to have broken the extensions that 'fixed' this problem. PLEASE fix this.
Logged in to play last night, and it seems that once again the CSS styling has been updated, further breaking the only Stylus dark style that mostly still worked. Hours of fun ahead just trying to make roll20 useable again. Why is a dark mode still not a thing? Even Microsoft finally included an option with Windows.
Adding my vote to this. Please please PLEASE.
Submitting my vote as well! Please our poor eyes! 
Dark mode pls.
For the love for all that is holy, Dark Theme please - especially if you're going to keep pushing out updates that break user created dark themes.
Dark mode is very much needed +1
+1 pls me eyes boio
Could we also maybe look to changing the black out areas to an easily Keyable colour for my suggestion also :) Think they fit nicely together <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Where tf is Dark Mode? Now the CSS is broken too The hell am I paying for? +10 gorillion
+1 Really do need this.
It feels kind of like yelling into the void (or whatever the non-dark-mode version of a void would be), but I'll throw another +1 onto the pile.
+1. Please. Me and all my players need it.
+1 yes please
PapaWhiskey11 said: Spren said: There's a temporary solution for this until roll20 adds it. Download the browser addon Stylish and search their site for roll20. You'll see several dark themes that you can use. Browser extensions that modify sites like that are inherently unsafe. Yeah, unsafe. But until the Dev team do the basic work for accessibility fo people with photosensitivity, yeah, we need ways to drop force a dark mode. And last update broke the script i used.
Okey, sorry if this turn into a rant. But for the gods! An option for working the with colors on the interface.
I suggest, for anyone to not having the eyes strain and problems, to take a look on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I concur, Dark mode would be amazing
The help center has a dark mode -_-
The GM can change all the map default backgrounds to black (or a dark colour).&nbsp; It helps quite a bit.
Arindur said: The help center has a dark mode -_- This just makes me angrier with the whole situation. The help center? Yeah you can have dark mode. The main site where people will be for hours and hours? The light of the sun in your face! %*#@&amp; your eyeballs!!&nbsp; Come on Roll20Dev team, this can't be that hard to implement. And accessability should be on top of your list, instead of changing the lighting system. Priorities folks, priorities. Anyway, again isay, even through some don't like that i suggest the extension for "Unsafe reasons" , i suggest DarkReader (For chrome,firefox and others).&nbsp; It's been working wonders and oh hey, my photosensitive eyes now can play a session without my brain strating to strangle itself. It's simple, versatile and lightweight.&nbsp;
we need it!!
omg yes please!
+1 I think the default map color should be black. However for those of you suffering, I really recommend the DarkReader &nbsp;Chrome/Edge browser extension, it's been a lifesaver on this site. Sometimes I need to switch it on/off when I get into a game, but yeah, 110% solid.
+1 For sure
Lucas F. said: I suggest, for anyone to not having the eyes strain and problems, to take a look on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> That seems to have worked well for me!
bump, dark mode please!
For the love of god yes please! +1000
+1 (everything else has a dark mode dudes......)
That would be epic!