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Dark Mode (Roll20 so bright!)

As someone whos written HTML, its really just a CSS file with a call to a button. this would take a single person a couple hours max, a team of 3 could have it done in 30-45 mins. we honestly dont care about it coming with the new, just give us the quick and dirty dark mode and fix it to work with the new stuff as it progresses. you have a YEARS worth of people SCREAMING for dark mode and you consistantly dismiss it by saying "its coming with the new features!!!". if for whatever reason its that hard for you, i can have it done probably by the end of the week (i work full time and im not going to dedicate all my free time to provide you with a solution for free. pay me and itll be done within 2 days).
+1 Sucks that I only have a +1 to give. The tool looks so dated, could really use a refresh. Dark mode would be such a perfect starting place for this. 
My eyes are very light sensitive so a dark mode would be amazing.
+1 save my eyes and our screens. 
Please, make it dark. My eyes burning..... so bright
+1! Love Roll20 but why the crazy brightness?  Imagine to be able to set a theme that applies to the game for all players. So that my horror scenario can be dark, my sci-fi stuff metallic grey and so on. 
+1, this should be a standard feature on any site.    
+1 Why exactly haven't you done this already? Is there a single reason why Roll20 is taking so long?
Voting up on this. This is burning my retinas something fierce.
why is it not a thing yet ffs ? +1
I can't believe these requests keep coming and there still isn't an official dark mode available.
Dark mode pls!! Moskitos everywhere here :-D
Yes please
Would love an update on the roll out of this feature. 
We need a dark mode. Why this has been requested for an entire year (and not for the first time in Roll20's history, btw) and nothing happened I have no idea. 
+1, it's so bright
+Life quality. Sorry if I make any typos I am typing with my eyes closed.
Dark mode please
This would be a small but wonderful addition 
Please enable dark mode. My eyes are very sensitive and I use it on everything on my computer.  Thank you!
Dark mode PLEASE! 8 years without a simple feature that even Facebook has is far too long!
I'm in.
Actually listen to the users for once and keep up with the times. Do this.
Just wondering if you could hit us with some feature improvements like Dark Mode instead of more licensed content as roll20 hasn't meaningfully changed since like 2015. Thanks in advance!
I would love to see dark mode here on roll20. +1
Would love that feature. 
yes please
Please. My eyes hurt.
Dark mode would be wonderful, it's much easier than forcing scripts etc. 
Sad, after a year is still not implemented... :C
Would you please stop making me blind already?
I just installed the Stylus browser addon to firefox which then provides a dark mode - it amazing how much better it is and thats from someone on the outside of roll20 doing it, I really dont know why its so hard for them, I would much rather not have install browser addons just to make roll20 useable.
Still no dark mode? Here is another +1 vote in favor of dark mode, which is long overdue.
Another vote for dark mode!
Mukkod said: As someone whos written HTML, its really just a CSS file with a call to a button. this would take a single person a couple hours max, a team of 3 could have it done in 30-45 mins.  There has to be more to it than that, right? I'm no software developer, but I can't imagine a feature request with 700+ votes and 2+ years old has simply been ignored when it could have been done in a few hours.   FWIW, I tried that Stylish addon and had poor results. Yes, I got dark mode, but sometimes I got dark text on a dark background. 
I can't believe this is not a feature yet...
Night mode/Dark mode is essential for Roll20.   I've been using it for years and I'm shocked it hasn't been implemented yet.    I have used 3rd party programs to force dark pages,  but it causes some glitches with roll20.  I would much prefer an in house solution.     It also breaks immersion in virtual games with the glaring white background when you're trying to get your players in the head-space of a creepy dark dungeon.  Please and thank you. 
Why is there no dark mode after 2 years with zero responses.
please make this a thing
+1 Indeed the user interface is waaay 90's internet
+1 this would definitely be helpful 

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Sheet Author
I definitely need this too. +1 Make Roll20 more attractive and more accessible to the people who don't handle the flashy white.
Dark mode sorely needed