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Dark Mode (Roll20 so bright!)


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Alongside the sea of paying subscribers, I request this too...
+1  tossing my vote on here too.
+1 please
Sharis L. said: Lucas F. said: I suggest, for anyone to not having the eyes strain and problems, to take a look on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> That seems to have worked well for me! It has some bugs here and there, but it's a workeable solution for now. I'm still baffled that they have Dark mode on the help page but don't have on the main product!
"...And some new-mown chaperone was standin' in the corner all alone, watchin' the young girls dance, And some fresh-sown moonstone was messin' with his frozen zone to remind him of the feeling of romance.&nbsp; Yeah, he was blinded by the light ! Cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night, Blinded by the light! "
Yeah, one more +1 for the pile of other +1s in this thread. Why no dev update in months?&nbsp;
Grand Maître Chat
Marketplace Creator
If you're using Chrome or/and Firefox, you can use the Dark Reader extension.&nbsp; I'm using this and my two eyeballs thank me every time 👀&nbsp;
Yes pls. Save my eyes.
Please add dark-mode for accessibility in game and for reading marketplace items.
Marketplace Creator
Agreed. We need a dark mode.
+1 I think I typed that right, can't be sure as am having to avert my gaze, it burns us my precious, it burns... ; )))
Yes please
Agree - dark mode please
2 years later, when every single app or program feature a night mode, roll20 resists. +1 !
+1 for sure. I really hate that black-on-white somehow became the internet standard. this still in the 'researching' phase? The 'help' section on the website has a very nice darkmode toggle. Could we please get this on the actual website too? First thing my players said about the UI was 'there is so much white!'
Still here, still waiting!
Please, dark mode!!! +1
+1 save our eyes
Agree. Adding my vote. This is a important feature to so many people, I am shocked and am saving to get foundry. I would rather not have to go elsewhere but this huts my eyes. (Pause everything and give us this one feature, please!)
+1 Do it for the Drow.
Definitely would like dark mode +1
+1 Dark Mode please :)
+1 definitely a dark mode! It's nearly impossible to play a "creepy" campaign with the current brightness of Roll20.
This has been requested for so many years...but it's gotta be here at some point, right?...right? +1 for sure
Why is dark mode not an option yet? Seriously, +1 vote to get this done.

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Grand Maître Chat said: If you're using Chrome or/and Firefox, you can use the Dark Reader extension.&nbsp; I'm using this and my two eyeballs thank me every time &nbsp; i just did this, and this has made everything so much easier on the eyes. As a DM, i have been struggling with 5-10 hours of prep staring at my 32 inches of blaring white.&nbsp; &nbsp;just after 10 minutes of using this extension, my eyes have started to relax. THANK YOU!&nbsp; Grand Maître Chat &nbsp;.&nbsp; Just goes to show how easy this is to implement on a Developer side... which is why its concerning that the people i pay monthly cant do it. it would literally cost you approximately 5 hours of coding. I am extremely disappointed that i needed to go third party for this feature. every other white webpage has this. 15 years of using chrome, and this is the first time i've needed an extension for dark mode.&nbsp;

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DARK MODE Edit: There is a way on chrome to darkmode everything but its a blanket solution you can't pick and choose tmk. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Edit2: Just tested it and it only works on the main site. Using it in game does not effect the background but it will effect a few elements. Darkmode does not play well with the game portion of roll20... lots of issues
Just to bump this thread ahead of the smaller "dark mode" thread.

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Sad that this thread was created 2 years ago and still no response from roll20, makes me want to look for different platforms to play on +1
Dark mode +1!
+1 it is time for dark mode.
Marketplace Creator
[Squinting] Yes please.
Please, add Dark Mode.