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Custom Compendium

Score + 965
Certainly want this. +1
Kenton said: I'm glad to hear that Compendium Selection resolved the issue for some of you. Some of you asked about the difficulty of implementing a feature like this. From a very high leve, let me dig into that question. First, there two significant kinds of entering data into the compendium: Large Volume and One-At-A-Time. Since this thread was created, actually prior to supporting the Dungeons & Dragons 5e SRD, the purpose has not been limited to one or the other. The improvements to the Compendium software has been necessary to support the addition of  15 games systems , and more than 50 compendium books spread across those systems. Many of those have been in the last six months. The work has been supporting the Large Volume need. That's created very specific tools that Publishers can use to convert an entire book's worth of data, and add their game system. This requires significant planning and collaboration on how their games have been developed on and for Roll20. From a the other perspective, individual users are more likely going to add entries closer to the One-At-A-Time side of the spectrum. The big difference is the distance between doing all the planning for data/database/character sheet and being able to see, understand, edit, and use individual pieces. That work is detailed and nuanced - each game system is different and will have very specific needs based on the Character Sheet it uses. The One-At-A-Time side also is not likely to have or be able to produce changes to the display layer (like the character sheet, handout, or compendium entry). That "last mile" is making adding and editing compendium entries simple, intuitive, and easy to use. That's the phase we need to move into next. I hope that gives some insight into the problems we're trying to solve. We don't want to release something that's overly complicated or doesn't actually solve your problems. In an very summarized explanation, I expect that the first iteration if this request will be a way to save and retrieve a Handout or Character to a database shared by all your games. That gives you about 10% of the total feature power in the Compendium right now, but it solves the more common themes in this request. I can already with my Pro Subscription moves handouts and sheets and maps around without issue, although a system to move large numbers of items, search them, etc. would be really nice. BUT, this is not what we need from a custom compendium! I need to be able to allow my players to search and then drag and drop my homebrew races, classes, subclasses, items, etc, onto their sheets!
+1  and THIS Bloodchild said: I have read most of this threadand talking as a coder I donjt believe it would be hard at all to be honest because we could have the same sort of handout layout with a dropdown  a structure like this would enable dungeon masters to create their own content without issue and you guys would simply reuse the same componentsw from the compenium at current all that would change is the datasource and with your own layout you control how it appears in the db  
+1 Items please!
+1 please
+1 please!
+1 Absolutely necessary for any serious DM
we still waiting on this????? whats the hold up?
So, 4 years since the initial post and still nothing? Nothing takes that much time, should have focused on doing stuff like this, that everybody wants instead of updating the functional dinamic lightning.
We need this, I hope roll20 can make it happen. +1
+1 or + however many votes I can cast
+1 I write homebrew for my games, and I have even put a book up on Reddit, I would love to have a compendium for all my crafting systems and herbs.
Any chance for an update from the Devs?

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+1 I really don't know if I can see myself renewing my subscription without at least a target date on when this will be a feature. There is so much extra unnecessary work because of this. 

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Sheet Author
What about alternatives to this?  I've been considering data importers for a couple of systems, which would seem to fit within Roll20s "rules" on what you can and can't do with a character sheet... I feel like I have a pretty good scheme worked up on how to do it, but its kludginess is around cut and paste rather than drag-and-drop.  That and my coding is nothing to brag about.  :(  I do have what I consider a decent importing algorithm, and I doubt I am the first person to invent one. I seem to recall that the "-drop" part of drag-and-drop is allowed in custom character sheets (there is a listener for it), the question is... is there an external tool of some sort which would allow us to implement the "drag-and" portion? Roll20 doesn't have to themselves host potentially copyrighted material, giving them some legal leeway, and the custom content could be as varied as desired and linked to.  TL; DR: What about a user-driven interface for this stuff?   Edit: to clarify, I'm talking about functionality I myself consider "necessary" and not "nice-to-have".  Dragging and dropping spells, items, and even entire monsters as an import mechanism = "necessary", while being able to search a compendium for a specific rule or open a spell as a handout is, for me, "nice-to-have": I can see the utility, but when prepping a game, I really need to not have to type in every monster or spell more than I need to be able to access every rule realtime. Further edit: I see that the drag/drop functionality is only usefully available with Tampermonkey scripts, and I'm not willing to go down that rathole.  I still think an excellent interim step is importers on custom sheets coupled with Handouts hyperlinked to a shared Google Sheet, but that may be too many clicks for folks.
+1 for this. I have a paid plan, and would gladly pay extra for this functionality. I would also be 100% fine with a documented way to upload data for compendium items rather than have it all in a GUI. Markdown with frontmatter, JSON, CSV, even some XML spec would all be workable for people. We also don't need every feature for every game to be covered before this could be useful. Items and spells would be amazing. And while I'd love to be able to add races/classes/backgrounds/etc. I'd love to see anything opened up here.
+1 I would like the ability to enter my homebrew D&D spells just once and then be able to drag them to character sheets. I'm getting a bit tired of having to repeatedly enter and re-enter them... or my players not having access to them. Not a coder, however, so I don't know how difficult this is.
If there's an alternative way to get my homebrew world races/classes/skills etc. all that good stuff into Roll20 and the character sheet, I'd be all for it. You don't have to call it "compendium." I just want my players to be able to charactermance with my homebrew stuff. That's pretty much the point of this thread to me at least.
+1, would LOVE a way to drag custom spells and magic onto a spell sheet. 
+1 PLEASE! Even if it's only for basic items with a description. If I want my party to quickly dawn a homebrew suite (alt AC) and an altered basic weapon (alt Damage/Bonuses), it takes far to long to manually have them all create it from scratch instead of just "DM Create ahead of time" "DM/Player Drag and Drop to each Sheet when wanted"
Phil. H.
+1, I would change to a Pro subscription in a heartbeat for the ability to create custom compendiums.

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+1. When you're competing in a market with Foundry VTT (and probably soon to be with DnDBeyond), custom compendiums should really be a priority to get implemented - especially after about 5 years of being a formal request. Homebrew is a cornerstone of the TTRPG experience, and I feel it should at least be given the same consideration as features like: Custom status token markers and changes to the Zoom tool (2019/2020) Updating the aspect ratio of campaign cover images (2021) Updates to the ruler tool (2018) Updates to Advanced Fog of War/Dynamic Lighting (2018) Updates to Advanced Fog of War/Dynamic Lighting (2019) Replacement of Advanced Fog of War/Dynamic Lighting (2020/2021) I know that these aren't really equivalent in scale, but most of these are changes which were introduced, tested, and completed in a timeframe that is about half of the age of this suggestion. The closest I've heard to this even being a whisper on the development cycle has been in the 2019 Roundup where it was mentioned that something close to a custom compendium (user-submitted Charactermancer entries) was being investigated.
+1 They probably are trying to find a way to keep people from adding things to their compendium that they can [but have not] purchased from the marketplace.