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Custom Compendium

Score + 1461
Is this still an open matter?
This is literally the most popular untouched request in the forum, by a pretty decent margin. The next-most-popular feature in the "Researching" phase has less than half the votes or views and just over a third of the participation via comments. 1400+ votes, 280000+ views, actively being pushed in the comments for nearly a decade, every other feature anywhere NEAR as popular has been completed (or is about to be). I have to assume that at this point, after 8 years and with this much support for the idea, the only reason it isn't implemented is because Roll20 does not want to support the feature. It makes sense not to - it could (and definitely would) lead to an increased amount of stolen or plagiarized content since people would only need to copy-paste the stolen content into their own Compendiums once instead of having to do it over and over for each game they run, and the amount of content Roll20 would have to host would increase by multiple orders of magnitude to accommodate the user base who immediately start uploading spells and items and things en masse, stuff they've spent YEARS creating in preparation. But like... Whether they implement it formally or not, the reality is, people ARE making the custom (or copied, or stolen) spells and items and etc manually right now. They're still DOING it, whether it's "convenient" or not. I can't fathom why it's not "possible" to implement the feature - the Compendium functionality already exists, it's not a NEW feature, it's just about giving users access to that aspect of the feature. It's 100% purely a matter of whether or not Roll20 considers it a liability, and realistically they shouldn't because the things they're worried about being held liable for... are already things people can do (and are doing) right now. So not implementing the feature is only really punishing the people who have been waiting for it all this time and it's not stopping the people who would abuse the system. And if we want the Roll20 Marketplace to actually GROW, something has to change. I can promise firsthand as someone who literally - not figuratively, I mean literally - co-captains a TTRPG Creators' thinktank with dozens and dozens of members (over a hundred) who fully support themselves selling their TTRPG content online and who ALL wish they could expand their offering on Roll20, I can promise you that every single VTT on the market needs to expand their offering in two or more ways to support the TTRPG creator community because every single one has some major issue that hurts the creators that hold it up, and Roll20's biggest lacking is THIS. There's a hard limit to what creators can OFFER here. There are HUNDREDS of people online right now making custom items and spells that aren't supported in games without the GM and/or the players manually adding them. Hundreds of people whose entire livelihood is built on making stuff that one of the biggest VTTs in the world STILL doesn't officially support even after 8 years. Like, Roll20 doesn't support this custom content and people are still making $100,000+ per year selling it. Can you even fathom how much stronger the creator community would be if they were actually supported???
+1  Also could we just implement a photo verification like how some subreddits do? Or Google does with your id for YouTube? Like we can do physical verification per account if it does detect a copy paste situation to verify you own your own irl copy of the book (I bought it once a digital backup shoild be included for the price they charge nowadays)
About to be a first time GM, honestly floored that I can't create items ahead of time to drag and drop onto a character's sheet at a later time. Even more floored that the first request thread I found while looking it up has existed for 8 years. +1 a thousand times over.
+1 I've been running games here for several years with friends and this feature would be so incredibly useful. I use a lot of reskinned /spells & homebrew combinations of different items, so being able to add custom items to a private library would be great. Even if it's restricted to a single campaign it would still save time when handing out items - create ahead of time then drag and drop straight onto the character sheet rather than pausing gameplay to paste the info onto someone's sheet or even spending time after the session sorting everything out. DndBeyond has had this feature for years now. I love roll20 but with DndBeyond working on a VVT system themselves I'm getting tempted to try it out.
+1 indeed
Necromancer level up, +1!
+1, it is very annoying that this is lacking.