Due to the volume of pertinent official bug report threads for new features, marketplace content, etc. we are creating this thread repository to keep things a little more tidy and organized. Below, in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest), you will find links to bug report threads made by the Roll20 team or previously stickied threads created by other users. If you are looking to make a bug report, please check out the [Read First] Submitting Bug Reports & FAQ for a template that will walk you through the basic information we need in order to best help. Roll20 Features & Updates Site Notifications Feedback Thread Pick Up Game (PUG) System Feedback Thread Charactermancer (Pathfinder) - Bug Report Thread 8/18/2018 Firebase Connection Issues A Measured Update - Ruler Bug Report Thread Marketplace Sales Reporting Bug and Feedback Thread Video and Voice Chat - Integrated WebRTC Compendium Sharing issues Thread Charactermancer (5th Edition OGL) Creator Feedback Thread Charactermancer (5th Edition OGL) Level Up Feedback Thread Text Editor Update Bug Report Thread Advanced Fog of War Android Mobile App v. 1.8.0 Apple iOS Mobile App v. 2.0.1 Roll20 Marketplace Content Wizards of the Coast Waterdeep:Dungeon of the Mad Mage Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Player's Handbook Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Princes of the Apocalypse Dungeon Tiles: Reincarnated * Tyranny of Dragons * Tomb of Annihilation Curse of Strahd * Tales from the Yawning Portal * Monster Manual * Volo's Guide to Monsters * Storm King's Thunder * Lost Mine of Phandelver * * These products share a thread. Paizo Starfinder Alien Archive Pathfinder RPG Bestiary - Official Bug War for the Crown (1-6) Kobold Press Tome of Beasts